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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Haulage Time! *Pic Heavy!!*

Once again i have spent way too much money this month (as you will see below). So, now that it is May 1, I am placing myself on a No-Buy for the whole of this month! Not only do i really need to save some money but i need to start using some of my untrieds.

Here is what i got in the month of April:

I found a tonne of the elusive Ulta3 Earl Grey at TWC (Terry White Chemist) so i bought a few, one for me and one for a giveaway only to remember to check the production country... PRC... Which means they are back in rotation and may even be a shade or two different from the original Made in Aus ones. I don't have an aussie one to compare so i can't say.
I also dropped into Morning Glory in the Adelaide Mall, which is a small store which sells novelty asian type toys, pens, notebooks and nick nack type stuff. They also have nail polish and nail stickers etc so i had a peek and got these two Glossyblossom polishes. They also sell Tony Moly but nothing took my fancy.

Ulta3 Earl Grey, Glossyblossom Bright Shinebrown, Charcoal Gray

When i heard Kmart were clearing some of their BYS polishes for $2 (half price), so i raced down to Kmart when i could and went a little nuts!

Prima Ballerina, Double Espresso, Steal the Limelight ($4), Down the Rabbit Hole.


Golden Bronze, Black, Aqua Blue, Metallic Fuchsia, Cherry Red, White.

Hot Pink, Mirror Pink, Purple, Neon Blue, Silver Glitter.

I had time to spare one day after i dropped my partner at work but before i started work so i went into the mall and went to Target and Priceline.
Essence Colour & Go Space Queen, Essence Ballerina Backstage Wear Your Little Tutu, Sally Hansen Gem Crush (from Priceline) in Lady Luck.

 A-England had a "Tristam" turns one special on their polishes from their website. So i took advantage of the 30% off and free shipping. These are my first A-Englands =)

Princess Tears, Princess Sabra, Ascalon, Bridal Veil.

 Big W had a massive cosmetics sale on (ends tomorrow, May 2nd). They had a whopping $5 off Max Factor cosmetics which included nail polish. So i picked these up for .48cents each. Yep! 48cents! Bargain.

Red Carpet Glam, Diva Coral, Elegant Mauve, Ivory, Diva Violet, Sunny Pink.

In the same Big W sale, Australis had $3 off their entire range of cosmetics. Not much i fancied at the time and they only have limited polishes. So i got one polish (which came to $4-5) and 4 bottles of nail polish remover which came to $1-84 for each bottle!

Nail polish - Sweetpea.

I have also bought from 2 blog sales this month. One was from Rachael over at Glam Polish. This is what i got.

A-England Lady of the Lake, Orly Out of This World, Color Club magnetic in Electro-midnight, Rivka Holographic in Samantha and a franken called Martian Salad.

The second blog sale i bought from was Kaz over at Pretty Random. This is what i got:

Savina Fireworks, Revlon scented in Coconut Crush, Color Club Si Vous Please, China Glaze Secret Peri-wink-le, First Class Ticket and Wet n' Wild Morbid

Ice-cream cone polish in Pink, Amoresse Snake Eyes, Icing Mini Retro Girl, Icing Mini Plum Passion, Essie Mint Candy Apple.

 That was going to be it for this months haul but last night when i got home there was a massive box sitting on my desk here (along with my Glossybox too!) I wondered what the hell it was. Upon closer inspection it was my Butter London order from Brands Exclusive! Yay!

The Black Knight, Henley Regatta.

Now that is definitely it for this months haul! It was a massive month in hauls again. I am definitely on a no-buy for the month of May! I will still have a haul post for May though as i'm still waiting on about 3 packages to arrive. (Yes, more polishes!)  I only placed the orders on the weekend so i should get them in a week or two. 

Hoped you enjoyed seeing what i got. Have you posted any hauls lately? I love seeing other peoples hauls so let me know in the comments below and i'll check it out =)

Bye for now! 
Kel xo


  1. I love your haul! now THIS is a proper haul:P

    1. Thanks Nicole! Thought you might like it! I wasn't going to post it for a couple of days but you got me excited to do it sooner! haha
      I love seeing hauls as big as yours and mine! =)

  2. Ooh, time for an Earl Grey comparison methinks!

    1. Oh please do! I'd love to see it. Then i can work out if i need to hunt down the Aus version!

  3. Nice haul! I'm annoyed I missed the BYS clearance O_o

    1. Thanks! There were so much more i could have bought but thought i should stop hahaha

  4. OMG, great haul!! I am jealous of your Butter Londons!

  5. I just went out to Kmart and bought myself a whole bunch of BYS nail art lacquers! Wooo! :D thanks for letting me know about the great sales in Aus ;)

  6. OM gosh and I thought I was buying too much nailpolish. I have never seen such a big haul. I am a bit obsessed with Face of Australia and Essence nail polish right now. This blogging is an expensive addiction as I know myself lol have a look at my blog at if you like.
    Thanks Katey. I love buying nailpolish but it does not last for years and takes so long to use up.


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