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Sunday, April 29, 2012

China Glaze Magnetix: Attraction!

Hi all!
Just a quick one tonight. I have been busy over the weekend and haven't had a chance to put a post up until now. This is what i wore over the weekend and what i am still wearing now (but am considering changing it tonight).

Attraction. This was one coat with the magnet placed over the top straight away. Usually with the Layla magnetics i've done in the past i have done one coat, let it dry then used the magnet with the second coat. I thought attraction was opaque enough to use the magnet on the first coat. 

I used the China Glaze "U" shaped magnet and the diagonal lines pattern this time. Prior to this mani i did try the chevron and star pattern on the same China Glaze magnet but they didn't turn out well. So i have no photos of those designs. When i get a bit more practise, i will show them. 

I do think i like my right hand designs better than the left.

I hope you all had a great weekend and are looking forward to the new week!
See you soon! 
Kel xo

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ulta3 Gelato Collection Part 2.

Hi guys! I have the second half of the Ulta3 Gelato collection for you today.

Kiwi Kaos. A grass green cream. Like the orange, i thought it was a little dusty-ish in the bottle but didn't come out on the nail at all. Application was good. This is two coats and one coat of SV.

Strawberry Sundae. Medium "Barbie" Pink. I really like this pink and actually don't have anything like it in my collection. I've wanted a colour like this for a while and i can't believe i have one for only $2! Application was good. This was two coats and one coat of SV.

Blue Heaven. Medium Blue cream. I am loving this colour! I thought it was "meh" in the bottle, just a nice blue but something happened once i applied it. It was definitely heaven haha. This ended up being my favourite from the whole collection and definitely one i would wear a few times more. This was two coats and one coat of SV.

Overall, I thought this collection was going to be pastels. I have no idea why i thought that! Well some do look a little pastel-y in the bottle, non were pastel on the nail. They yellow was the closest at being pastel. That being said, i absolutely loved the whole collection. Of all the nail polishes i have i don't think i have any dupes to these so i'm very happy with that. Definitely worth picking up next time you see them, especially for the $2 price!

That's it for now. I will see you all soon, hopefully with my giveaway next =)
xo Kel.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


First up.... "At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them" Lest we forget!

For you non aussies (and non new zealanders) , today is ANZAC day. (Australia and New Zealand Army Corp.) This is a day we say a special thanks to honour the men and women who have served our country in the past and also to those who are serving now.

 Here are a few photos. These were all taken by my good friend Jacqui. She is a photographer here in SA. These were taken on a trip to Canberra where she visited the War Memorial/Museum dedicated to honouring the fallen soldiers, soldiers who have served and also those who are serving our country today.

I have been to the War memorial myself, and if you live in Australia (or are traveling to Australia) i strongly urge you to go and take a full day to have a look around next time your in Canberra. It is well worth it!

(All photos copyright of Celestial Photography)

A big thanks to Jacqui at Celestial Photography for letting me use her photos. Her photos are awesome. If you like her work, please check out her Facebook page.

Hope all you Aussies have an awesome ANZAC Day! I haven't got much planned. Read: Housework! =( It's horrible weather here lately in SA. It's been cold and rainy, a bit of sun in-between but not enough!

See you tomorrow!
Kel xo

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ulta3 Gelato Collection Part 1.

Hi guys! I know i'm a bit behind in this collection and i have already swatched the Metallics collection which came out AFTER this one but i had the swatching bug. haha. I was never that big into swatching but i liked doing the metallics so i thought i would do the Gelato collection too. Better late than never, aye? Again, i will break it up into two parts. Excuse the chip on my index finger.

Lemon Tart. What a big PITA. Usually i don't have too much problem with yellows but this one was annoying. I'm not sure if it's the stupid new brushes Ulta3 have. They are fairly stiff and don't want to play nice. Otherwise, i quite like this colour. Nice light  not quite pastel-y yellow cream. This was the only colour needing four coats to get to the opaqueness i was happy with. One coat of SV.

Mango Mayhem. I have been pleasantly surprised with Ulta3's Oranges lately. As i posted in the Metallics swatches, i am not an orange person nor do i find it goes with my skin tone. This doesn't look too bad. It is an Orange cream, a little dusty-ish in the bottle but not so much on the nail. Application was good (considering the crappy brushes) This was two coats and one coat of SV.

Violet Rumble. Love this colour, one of my favourites from the collection. A violet purple cream. Good application. This one needed three coats to get opaque which i was surprised with. One coat of SV.

Well that was the first half of this collection, i will see you tomorrow with the second and last half and my overview.
See you tomorrow! 
Kel xo

Sunday, April 22, 2012

March Glossybox & One year blogiversary!

Yay! It's my one year blogiversary today! I didn't even think i would make it here. Thanks everyone for coming on this journey with me so far! Stay tuned as i will have a giveaway soon. I just have to gather some stuff together and post it =).

Anyway, today i have my March Glossybox to show you! I thought that this would be my last one but i am really happy with what i got this month and i'm going for April's GB too. I'm so glad i didn't get that damn power band/bracelet!
I have been a bit lazy this month. I opened the box took photos and packed it back up until now! I haven't used anything in it yet... but i will. I've just been lazy!

The usual picture of the box it comes in. 

The Contents:
Absolutely Gorgeous - Macadamia Face Cream
Eau Thermale Avene - Gentle Milk Cleanser
KMS California - Free Shape Hot Flex Spray
Kosmea - Hydrating Rosewater Mist
Thin Lizzy - Concealer Creme
3 Gift vouchers for various places (i'm sure have expired by now haha)

Absolutely Gorgeous - Macadamia Face Cream - Normal/Dry Skin 30ml
Create a barrier against moisture loss and slow down ageing with this Macadamia Nut face cream.
I can't smell the Macadamia at all, all i smell is rose/rosehip oil. I guess that would overpower the macadamia. Looking forward to trying it though.

Eau Thermale Avene - Gentle Milk Cleanser - 50ml
Avene's acclaimed Thermal Spring Water, found in these products, proves remarkable at hydrating and refreshing.
This says it's for dry to very dry sensitive skin. I have neither. I have normal skin type. I probably won't try it in a hurry. Reading the instructions, it sounds weird. It's a milk but it says nowhere do you wash it off, you just follow using a toner. hmmmmm!

KMS California - Free Shape Hot Flex Spray - 30ml
Expect your hair to feel soft, silky and with less breakage because this formula protects from heat and styling stressors. 
This is what i am looking forward to using the most. I straighten my hair often and i never used to use a heat protectant. With that said i have a few different kinds of hair treatments for heat styling so i will use those up before trying this.

Kosmea - Hydrating Rosewater Mist - 25ml
Set your makeup or refresh your skin using this face mist made from rose petals.
I'm excited to try this as well! I have received their products in another Glossybox and i was really pleased. I did get some samples from Kosmea and i will be changing over from Jurlique to this stuff when i run out. I will keep this until i'm finished with Jurlique. 

Thin Lizzy - Concealer Creme - 7.5ml
Cover up minor or major skin imperfections for all day coverage with this Concealer Creme.
I don't really wear a lot of makeup and when i do i don't use concealer. That's not to say i don't need it. I just never bothered with it. I should give it a go! haha.

Overall, I am happy with all products that came in this months box except the concealer i couldn't care about but i will give it a go. 
What did you get in your box? Did you get the same or completely different items and are you happy with all your contents?

See you soon guys!
kel xo

Friday, April 20, 2012

Ulta3 Metallic Crush Collection Part 2.

Today i have the second and last half of the Ulta3 Metallic Crush collection. I was very surprised by this half. I am not loving this half as much as i thought i would.

Jade. Jade Green metallic. This for me was the worst to apply with all the brush strokes. I can get past it though because it's an awesome colour! Perhaps some stamping ontop? This was two coats with one coat of SV.

Enchanted. This is a crazy colour! So awesome. This is the odd one out in the collection. You think that it's black with a slight green colour shift looking at the bottle but it's not. This is a dark eggplant plum-y purple base with lots of specks of different colours. The green colour shift i thought was there doesn't come onto the nail at all. Dissapointed? Yes and No. I'm disappointed the colour shift didn't come out but it still ended up being an awesome colour! Application was good with two coats and one coat of SV.

Cocoa. Metallic Brown. This one was my pick to get from the start. You know the "If i could only get one from the collection, i'd get......" This is it! For me anyway. This was the one i wanted the most and it didn't disappoint! I love it even more i think with the ups and downs of the others from this collection. haha You all know i love browns! =) Awesome application. Two coats and one coat of SV.

Shiraz. The second Red metallic on the collection. This one is more Pinker (if that's a word) than Pinot and it also has more Shimmer/Sparkle to it. This was three coats with one coat of SV. Comparison below of Shiraz and Pinot.

There are slight differences to both Pinot and Shiraz. While both are a metallic Red, Pinot is more opaque only needing one to two coats while Shiraz needed three coats. Pinot also has the minimal brush strokes whereas Shiraz brush strokes are barely visible, perhaps because of the shimmer. Both are a nice colour but if i had to pick one, i would choose Pinot. I prefer the darker reds compared to the pinker reds. Also Pinot would be more opaque to use for stamping. 

Overall, I'm happy with the collection. Not a lot of let downs as i was expecting with the golds and oranges but i was pleasantly surprised by the likes of Burnt Orange. Awesome collection and can't wait for Ulta3 to come out with the next collection being that of the magnetics =)

Have a great Friday everyone! See you soon! xo

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ulta3 Metallic Crush Collection Part 1.

As you all know i finally got my hands on the Ulta3 Metallic Crush collection last month. You can see my haul post here. Today i have half the collection to show you. Looking just at the bottles, i find this the boring half, well not so much boring but the colours i don't really wear or find interesting to me. I'm sure some of you will love them though!

Antique Gold is a Bronzy-Gold metallic. Applied very well. Tiny amount of brush strokes showing but doesn't bother me. This was two coats plus one coat of SV.

Burnt Orange. Not really a Metallic to me. Like the name suggests it's a burnt orange with a slight orange/gold shimmer. It applied well. This one surprised me a bit. I'm not a fan of oranges nor do they go with my skin tone very well but i do like this one. I picked this one up and put it back a few times and I'm glad i got it in the end. This was two coats plus one coat of SV. Probably could of gotten away with just one coat but i felt it needed two for photos.

Copper. Orange-y Copper metallic. More Orange than Copper. Not much else to say. It's a nice kind of colour but probably not one i'd wear again. I'll just keep this one for stamping. Small amount of brush strokes but nothing to really worry about. It applied a little on the sheer side to start with but built up with a second coat. This is two coats with one coat of SV.

Pinot. Red.. erhh... Wine Metallic. This is one of the two reds in the collection. The other one is very similar and i have put that one in tomorrow lot to break it up a bit. They are a tiny bit different but the collector in me needs them both. haha. This applied well and also could of gotten away with one coat but for photos i have used two coats plus one coat of SV.

Hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for the second half of the collection, either tomorrow or Friday!
Have a nice night! xo

Monday, April 16, 2012

China Glaze Ingrid!

Forgive me.... nail polish guru's.... for i have sinned... I didn't wear nail polish all weekend! Gasp! (reading that back, it kind of rhymes! haha)
After i wore the Layla Magnetic Black Metal on Thursday it started to peel off in little and big "sheets" so as soon as i got home from work i took it off. Thursday night, being that i work late and leaving home early-ish Friday and having another late night as we went to the Adelaide markets and did a bit of shopping and went out for dinner, coming home (a hour away), going to bed only to get up and go to work Saturday (got asked to work =( which rarely happens!) and was busy on Sunday doing everything that i had planned to do over the two weekend days not one! I really didn't get time to scratch my arse, let alone do my nails! =(.... Not to worry! They are freshly done now and i'm ready to get back into the start of the week.... =(....

Outside, Shade

This is China Glaze Ingrid. It is from their 2010 Vintage Vixen Fall collection. This is a taupe brown with a beautiful gold shimmer! Application was awesome with 2 easy coats. Perfect consistency for me and it just glided on. I have had this colour for a while now and i don't know why i left it so long to wear it! I love it. I love browns! and i love browns especially when they have an awesome shimmer!

Outside, Sunlight

Outside, Sunlight

Well i hope you all enjoy your start to the week. I have a late start at work today so i am off to have some lunch and get ready. See you soon! xo