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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


First up.... "At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them" Lest we forget!

For you non aussies (and non new zealanders) , today is ANZAC day. (Australia and New Zealand Army Corp.) This is a day we say a special thanks to honour the men and women who have served our country in the past and also to those who are serving now.

 Here are a few photos. These were all taken by my good friend Jacqui. She is a photographer here in SA. These were taken on a trip to Canberra where she visited the War Memorial/Museum dedicated to honouring the fallen soldiers, soldiers who have served and also those who are serving our country today.

I have been to the War memorial myself, and if you live in Australia (or are traveling to Australia) i strongly urge you to go and take a full day to have a look around next time your in Canberra. It is well worth it!

(All photos copyright of Celestial Photography)

A big thanks to Jacqui at Celestial Photography for letting me use her photos. Her photos are awesome. If you like her work, please check out her Facebook page.

Hope all you Aussies have an awesome ANZAC Day! I haven't got much planned. Read: Housework! =( It's horrible weather here lately in SA. It's been cold and rainy, a bit of sun in-between but not enough!

See you tomorrow!
Kel xo


  1. Wow, AMAZING photos!!
    Today is also the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) memorial day, in honor of all the israeli soldiers who gave their lives for the country of Israel.

    Have a great day and may we never know more war casualties. (I hope this is the proper way to say it in english)


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