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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Layla Magneffect: Black Metal!

Just a quick one today! Nothing new to report here. I hope everyone had a great Easter. It was nice to have 4 days off but it went quick. Onto today's nails....

(all pics are clickable to make large)
Outside, Sunlight

This is Layla Magneffect Magnetic polish in Black metal. Show here is two coats. I apply one coat first without using the magnet on all my nails then i go back and do one nail at a time putting the second coat on and using the magnet. I like how it came out. I need to practise more with the placement but i'm happy with it. =) 

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Shade, Indirect light

Hope you have great Thursday!
See you next time xo


  1. I reeeeeally need to get me some magnetic polishes. It's like nail art without all the work! :P

    Did you see the Colour Club collection? I forget what it's called but Scrangie reviewed them and I LOVED the way some of them looked.

    1. They are definitely awesome! You should definitely try some =)

      I have seen the Color Club ones. I am awaiting one in the mail at the moment... The blue one i forgot what it is called though. It has the wavy pattern i think. I can't wait to try it =) I also have of the China Glaze ones which i am yet to try as well. =)


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