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Monday, September 30, 2013

Alanna Renee - Dementor!

Hi everyone!
Hope you all had a great weekend!!

Today i have an awesome Alanna Renee to show you! I have never shown an AR on my blog before, but i have a few of Alanna's polishes and they do not disappoint!
She kindly sent me this one to review with my last purchase from her, which was a few months back. I did wear this polish a couple months ago but have been a very slack blogger!! Sorry Alanna it took so long to blog!

This is Dementor!

Dementor has a mix of silver and grey glitters in hex and micro hex sizes, in a black base. This was two thick coats. This was also a fairly gritty polish, so it needs two coats of topcoat. I only used one coat for photos.

This is part of the Harry Potter collection that was released back in April. It is still available on her website today, for an awesome price of $7.99 which i think is an awesome price for an indie. Alanna also ships internationally via her website now too, but you can also find her polishes through these stockists. For Aussies, she also has free shipping for all orders over $50!

This product was sent for my honest review.
Kel xx

Friday, September 27, 2013

Pedi-sox review!

Hi everyone!

I have an awesome review for you today! Pedi-sox!! Unfortunately, yes you will see a couple pics of my feet lol

What are pedi-sox you might ask? If you've been around the nail blogging community before, you might have already seen them, but if you haven't, they are toe-less socks (or sox) They keep your feet warm while doing a pedi, or if you want to moisturise your feet overnight and don't like the feel of wearing sweaty socks all night long. These are great in any season during the year as there are different types and thicknesses available.

The ones i have for show today are the Original ones. I have the ones that have a pink band at the top and bottom of them.

I actually did two things while these were on. I moisturised my feet and popped these on before going to bed.

(yes, i have Cookie Monster PJ's :p )

 These were actually quite comfortable to wear to bed and barely moved at all.
When i got up in the morning, i lounged around in them for a while before painting my nails.

As it's warming up i decided to got for something a bit more fun. I used two coats of China Glaze Pool Party (yup, my camera spazzed out) over two coats of Ulta3 Lily White. I then used one coat of Out the Door quick dry top coat. Because of how my toes are, i was actually lucky enough to still walk around without any mess ;)

I loved these socks and will be using them more often. I recommend these to anyone who loves doing a pedi, but hates doing them in the cold.

Since doing this review (sorry, it was a couple months ago) while we were in the middle of winter, i wore these a lot! Just around the house when my feet were cold. I hate the sweaty feeling my toes get when i wear socks and i feel warm, so these were perfect!

Unfortunately for us Aussies, Pedi-sox can't be purchased unless you are a qualified beauty therapist and the likes. If you are, you can get them from CNE. If not, you'll have to ask a salon if they stock them, or ask if they can get them in for you.
If you're in the US, you can purchase straight from their website or through a variety of salons.

Stay tuned for a giveaway! I have a couple pairs of these to giveaway along with some other random bits and bobs from Born Pretty Store and a nail polish or two.

See you soon!

Kel xx

Monday, September 16, 2013

Glam Polish - Ahhh Aliens!!!

Hi all

Tonights polish is from the first in-die box, which was released back in June.

I did wear this polish a little while ago and it had been sitting in my "to blog" folder since lol

Ahhh Aliens!!! is a LE (limited Edition) which was only released with the In-die box. I got #25/45
June's in-die box theme was Toy Story. AA was based off the little cute aliens.

Ahhh Aliens!!! has a blue/green crelly base with big neon green hex, small blue/purple & white hex, and white micro hex. This was easy to apply and needed 3 coats for opacity. 

Kel xx

Monday, September 9, 2013

Born Pretty Store Review - Sweet Color Flakie polish

Hi everyone!
Sorry i haven't posted for 3 weeks! My mum came to visit for a week or so, then i went to Melbourne for a quick weekend trip. I came back from Melbourne and that night i went to turn on my iMac and it died. =( The capacitor fans cracked so i haven't had a computer since. I am hoping a - it gets fixed soon or b - I get a new iMac, which i kinda don't want as i love mine, but it is getting on in age now (7 years old)

Anyway, i have finally been able to edit some photos to be able to post, so today's post is a review from Born Pretty Store.

I selected a flakie polish to review. This is one of a few different kinds of flakie polishes that are available.

This sweet color flakie doesn't have a name but you can find it HERE. It's #4. This polish's flakies shift from a copper-y orange to a slight purple and then to green. In the right light and angle you can see all colours at once (see below) 
This one two thin coats over my go-to one coater black (ulta3 black satin) The application and formula were a breeze! Very easy to apply and makes for some easy looking nail art. 
No topcoat was used for photo's.

I then decided to do what everyone does with awesome flakies! I mattified them!!
I used one coat of China Glaze Matte Magic

 This Sweet Color polish is found on the Born Pretty Store website or click the link above to be directed straight to the product. Enter my code at checkout (MLL91) to get 10% your order.
Born Pretty Store always have free shipping worldwide.

Product in this post provided for honest review, please see my disclosure policy for more info. 

Kel xx