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Friday, March 30, 2012

Nail Art: Galaxy nails!

I've seen Galaxy nails going around the nail block a few times now so i thought i would give them a try! These are something so simple yet i found them a biatch to do and took me ages. I went through a full 20 nail - nail wheel to finally come up with something i was happy with.

(All pics are clickable to make large)

Colours used:
Base: Ulta3 Black Satin (prc - one coater)
Sponged in random areas: China Glaze Eyes like Sapphires (blue)
Essence Vampire The Dawn is Broken (grey) and
Revlon Bubblegum (pink)
Chunky glitter top coat: BYS Starlette (with chunky holo hex glitter)
Then I was almost going to stop there but thought they needed some proper stars to look more galaxy like.

I used Ulta3 Lily White with a dotting tool to make small and large-ish stars. Sealed with SV. I thought i did a better job of my right hand (below) than my left haha. Mind my nubbin on my index finger. 

What do you think of my simple attempt? Do you like Galaxy nails or would you ever attempt them yourself? Let me know. =)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

OPI DS Illuminate!

I am so hating that it's heading in winter and that daylight savings end here in Australia this weekend! Boo! I love summer and it feels like it went quickly and quietly. It wasn't very hot at all..... well to me it wasn't, I love the heat and am sad to see it go for the next 6-8 months. I tried to fit in another holo but there was just no sun over the last couple of days.

This is OPI DS Illuminate.

Outside, Sunless

A beautiful Brown base with scattered micro sized holo glitter with a tiny flash of green duochrome. Love it! This was 2 coats. Formula was fantastic and very easy to apply. Mind the tip wear and tiny chip on my index finger. These photos were taken 2 days later when i thought the sun would have at least come out to play. 

Outside, Shade

Artificial Light, blurry to show holo

Hope you all have a happy hump day!
See you again soon!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Layla Magneffect Turquoise Wave!

Ok.... So i am back from Melbourne and surgery. Melbourne was awesome! Had a fantastic weekend at the F1 Grand Prix, did a little bit of nail polish shopping on the Monday (Look out for my March haul post soon) before venturing back home to Adelaide to have surgery on Tuesday for my wisdom teeth. Surgery went better than expected! I had 6 teeth pulled altogether (wisdoms + 2 others on my bottom jaw, due to overcrowding) I didn't have any bruising at all nor did i have much swelling, so i'm very lucky and happy with that. With that said it's still sore, sensitive and very tender even after 5 days, which means i still can't eat anything solid. So it's smoothies, up & go's, clear or puree'd soups, iced coffee, applesauce, custard, yogurt etc for me for probably the next week or so still. I did manage scrambled eggs last night but had to "gulp" them down haha

Anyway, i do indeed have some nails to show! I have had them naked for the last week or so due to not being up to polishing so i was looking forward to painting them last night!

This is one of my first magnetic polishes. I picked up this one and Black Metal Layla magnetics and two China Glaze magnetics from Oz nail & beauty supply when i was over in Melbourne. The Layla ones were cheap at $12 each.

This is Turquoise Wave. This is my first attempt at trying magnetic polishes and i think i did ok! I did one nail at a time and each was only once coat with the magnet placed over each, immediately after. I'm really loving the magnetic polishes at the moment and they are awesome to look at. haha. I hope to get a bit better at placement of the magnet but i'm happy with this first attempt.

Hope you enjoy!  See you next time, 
Kel xo

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blink 182 nail art!

By the time you read this i will be either waiting to head into surgery or already in there. I am getting my wisdom teeth out today and i'm freakin nervous as hell!
Anyway.... This is what i did for Cathy's (here at more nail polish) "inspired by" nail art contest.

I chose to do Blink 182. They have always been one of my favourite bands ever since school. No, i'm not one of those goth/punk looking chicks haha.
I came up with this design from their self titled album cover. 


I used China Glaze Snow as my base colour. The blue and pink where China Glaze Pool Party and Towel Boy Toy from their 2010 Summer Poolside collection.
I got it to look like this by simply getting all the excess polish off the brush, leaving a very minimal amount of polish on, in fact just what is left between the bristles is plenty, then did a quick stroke or two. Messy is even better. I used a combination of a black striper polish and a small brush and black nail polish to draw my design. A little annoyed at some black ran when i put a top coat on. That was a mistake to use China Glaze FF. So after using it on my ring and pinky i changed back to SV haha.

Hope you enjoy your day. I'm not sure when my next post will be but hopefully not to far away when i'm feeling better =)
See you next time!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Paddy's Day mani!

Hope this post goes up ok, this is my first scheduled post. *Fingers crossed* As you read this i am away in Melbourne at the F1 Grand Prix. Yippee!
I will have F1 nails on by this point but i really wanted to do a St. Paddy's day mani. I decided to do a simple Shamrock mani which i think looks awesome!

I started off with China Glaze Snow then matte-ified it. I then used Sinful Colors San Francisco and used my large dotting tool and small art brush to do the Shamrocks. No top coat. Then i didn't stop there!

I decided to add dots in the same green then matte-ify the whole thing. I really love how it came out. I reckon the green looks a little suede-y. =)

Hope you enjoy your weekend. I'm not sure how many posts i will get up in the next week or so. I am driving back from Melbourne on Monday, then i'm straight into surgery Tuesday to get my wisdom teeth out. Gaarrh! So i will be out of action for at least 3 days after that before i probably even feel like doing my nails. I have a few days before i leave anyway so i will try and get some more scheduled posts done for during that time =).
See you next time! 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Essence Where is the Party?

Today i have a quick one..Kind of. I'm supposed to have started to pack a few things for my trip to Melbourne this weekend. Instead i thought i'd blog haha.
I love that Essence is now stocked at Target. I have bought so many recently but i hadn't actually worn any yet, until now. I chose to wear Where is the Party? first. Who could resist wearing this one first.

 This was a beaut to apply. It's a purple and olive green duo chrome. I had trouble capturing the green outdoors in the sun but captured it quite nicely in the shade for some reason. This was 2 easy coats topped with SV.

(All images are clickable to enlarge)

This is the first photo i've ever taken of my hands this way and i love what i captured here. Mind my index finger i'm having trouble with it breaking on the corners, It looks horrible. 

Enjoy your Hump Day! 
Kel xo

Saturday, March 10, 2012

February Haul!

I've decided to do a haul post just once a month and post what i got in that month instead of all over the place. I'll try and do it on the last day of each month or hopefully around that time. I showed you my collective haul late last month. You can find it HERE(opens in a new window) Since doing that haul i have only bought 4 polishes in the last little bit of Feb. This is what i got:

OPI Rainbow Connection, Australis Speck-tacular, Essence Grand-Plie in Black, Chi Chi Everyday I'm shuffling.

I got OPI Rainbow Connection from David Jones and which could have possibly been the very last one they had as it's now discontinued. I basically picked it up for nothing as i had a DJ's Gift Card. These are normally $19.95 from DJ's and i have never paid that much for OPI ever haha and i won't be. This was a one time thing.

I picked up Australis Speck-tacular (bottle number three, which will be used in a giveaway soon!), Essence Grand-Plie in Black and Chi Chi Everyday I'm Shuffling at Target. They had $3 off the Australis so that came to $5.95, 25% off Chi Chi which came to $9.70 and Essence was their normal price of $3.50. Grand-Plie in Black was the only one from the Ballerina Backstage collection that i liked, the others were all "meh" and this is my first Chi Chi polish! Usually i find them more expensive than i'd prefer for the colour selection they have. This one stood out the most to me. Hopefully i can be persuaded by the formula because this might be the only one i ever pick up. 

Did you buy any polishes last month? I'd love to see your haul's. Leave me a link in the comment section below and i'll check it out!

Also don't forget to please check out and like my Facebook page HERE! Thanks!
See you all next time! 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Feb Glossy Box!

I know a lot of you have already seen what's in Feb's glossy box from other blogs but i'd thought i'd show it at the end of the month and i can do a little review as well if i've used the products.

This months i was a little disappointed. I was really expecting more from a special "limited edition" box. I only got ONE (apart from the mini nail files) full sized product which was a nail polish (yay!) and i wasn't completely happy with some of the other products in the box, but that is what you get. Can't complain as long as you get your moneys worth.

So they went with a Valentines Day theme for Feb and made the outer and inner boxes hot Pink which i really like and kind of prefer it to the lighter pink ones.

Inner box which everything comes in, comes in really handy for storing things in. Mine are empty at the moment just sitting on my desk.... wondering what to put in them!

The usual wrapping. I won't add these silly photo's next time as it will be back to the normal pink box but i just wanted to show that this months was different.

This was what i received.  5 "deluxe" (i don't think some are deluxe) samples. And a little pack of those heart lollies which i ate straight away! haha

Bobbie Brown - Lash Glamour Extreme Lenghtening Mascara (sample size of 3ml, RRP $48 for 6ml)
This mascara helps makes you lashes ultra-long and separated. The bristles interlock with lashes likes a zipper, so individual lashes are coated.
I haven't used this yet as i don't wear a lot of make-up all the time and i have a few opened. I will try this though. But i don't think i will ever buy it as it's out of my price range. This is one of two deluxe samples.

Janes Iredale - tantasia Self Tanner (sample size of no idea, RRP $54/124ml)
Fool them all with a golden bronze, natural looking tanned face and body from this moisturising self-tanner.
I have actually never heard of this brand before. Not a huge fan of fake tan so i probably won't use it. There is probably only enough for your face in the sample. This will go in a goody bag to giveaway. Expensive for a self tanner but this is definitely one of the "deluxe" samples

Proactiv - Deep Cleansing Wash (sample size of 60ml, RRP$39.95/ 475ml)
Use this product to clear up skin when it's acting up for a deep cleanse. Works great to penetrate pores and get rid of breakouts.
I have never had a problem with acne. I do get the occasional one or two pimples. I actually gave this to my partner to use as he had pimples on his back sometimes and gets the occasional break out. I may even try it when a pimple does show through. I know a lot of people have complained about getting the proactiv in their box as they don't need it either but it can be used on the body and not just the face. 

Star & Rose - Floral Wonderland Emergency Nail Files (full sized as they are mini nail files, around $2-$3)
Pocket these cushioned nail files for all those nail emergencies and on the go fix ups.
These are cute as! I have put them in my hand bag incase i need them. These are a fantastic idea. I am always breaking a nail and sometimes i need to do the unthinkable and rip the side off as i am usually at work when it happens. Now i can use these. 

Polished London - Nail Enamel in Waitress (red creme) (fullsized $7.99/10ml)
For a mani-pedi that dries fast and lasts long. Polished London is out pick in pretty shades of pink and red for the month of love.
I have never heard of Polished London before now. yay a proper red creme. I didn't have one before and i'm glad i got this one. Can't wait to try this. I have noticed these selling in at Terry White Chemists lately. I had a quick browse though the colours and they all seemed nice but there was 95% cremes and a lot of colours i already have. I might possibly buy a few more to try one day.

So overall, after saying i'd do a review, I haven't tried any of the products this month. Nail polish went straight into my untrieds for later. Nail files in my handbag. And the others well... went into my drawer of other beauty related items that may just sit there until i go though the draw in a few years hahaha.

If you get Glossy box, were you happy with the items you received?

See you next time! xo

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'm still not over....

Crackle polishes! Well.... I'm not into them as much as when they first came out but i am definitely not over them yet!
I went to V8 Supercars (Clipsal 500) here in Adelaide over the weekend. As a lot of you know i'm a car freak and love Fords! I came up with this really quick mani i did on the friday night before and wore it all weekend and Monday too!

Left hand - outside shade

I used 3 coats of Orly Royal Navy (unshaken) which is almost the perfect Ford blue (again, when it's unshaken with all the sparkly bits sitting at the bottom of the bottle) I waited for it to completely dry then added one coat of China Glaze Lightning Bolt. Topped with one coat of SV.
I'm really happy with how it turned out and i love just watching how and where it cracks and when there are big bits of the underneath colour showing through. It's just so fascinating to me. 

Right Hand - Artificial Light

Do you still like the crackle/shatter effect or are you over it?

See you soon! xo

Monday, March 5, 2012

I have a Facebook page!

Hi all! I'm still alive. I have been super busy this last week and haven't had much time to blog, so i'm sorry. I also don't have nails to show you today. I have though, finally set up a Facebook page. You can visit me HERE. Please check it out and like it and let me know what you think. I'm still just settling in and have just about finished adding some photos. Also, if you have a page i'd love to "like" it too! So let me know.
I'm hoping to have a post for you guys tomorrow on my mani i wore on the weekend.
See you tomorrow!
Kelz xo