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Friday, March 30, 2012

Nail Art: Galaxy nails!

I've seen Galaxy nails going around the nail block a few times now so i thought i would give them a try! These are something so simple yet i found them a biatch to do and took me ages. I went through a full 20 nail - nail wheel to finally come up with something i was happy with.

(All pics are clickable to make large)

Colours used:
Base: Ulta3 Black Satin (prc - one coater)
Sponged in random areas: China Glaze Eyes like Sapphires (blue)
Essence Vampire The Dawn is Broken (grey) and
Revlon Bubblegum (pink)
Chunky glitter top coat: BYS Starlette (with chunky holo hex glitter)
Then I was almost going to stop there but thought they needed some proper stars to look more galaxy like.

I used Ulta3 Lily White with a dotting tool to make small and large-ish stars. Sealed with SV. I thought i did a better job of my right hand (below) than my left haha. Mind my nubbin on my index finger. 

What do you think of my simple attempt? Do you like Galaxy nails or would you ever attempt them yourself? Let me know. =)


  1. I've seen a few of these on pinterest and love them - yours are great (even the nubbin), makes me want to try now too.

    1. Thanks! I'd love to do a second lot and see what i can come up with differently.

  2. I like yours, I've never tried them but I want to! :)


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