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Saturday, March 10, 2012

February Haul!

I've decided to do a haul post just once a month and post what i got in that month instead of all over the place. I'll try and do it on the last day of each month or hopefully around that time. I showed you my collective haul late last month. You can find it HERE(opens in a new window) Since doing that haul i have only bought 4 polishes in the last little bit of Feb. This is what i got:

OPI Rainbow Connection, Australis Speck-tacular, Essence Grand-Plie in Black, Chi Chi Everyday I'm shuffling.

I got OPI Rainbow Connection from David Jones and which could have possibly been the very last one they had as it's now discontinued. I basically picked it up for nothing as i had a DJ's Gift Card. These are normally $19.95 from DJ's and i have never paid that much for OPI ever haha and i won't be. This was a one time thing.

I picked up Australis Speck-tacular (bottle number three, which will be used in a giveaway soon!), Essence Grand-Plie in Black and Chi Chi Everyday I'm Shuffling at Target. They had $3 off the Australis so that came to $5.95, 25% off Chi Chi which came to $9.70 and Essence was their normal price of $3.50. Grand-Plie in Black was the only one from the Ballerina Backstage collection that i liked, the others were all "meh" and this is my first Chi Chi polish! Usually i find them more expensive than i'd prefer for the colour selection they have. This one stood out the most to me. Hopefully i can be persuaded by the formula because this might be the only one i ever pick up. 

Did you buy any polishes last month? I'd love to see your haul's. Leave me a link in the comment section below and i'll check it out!

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See you all next time! 


  1. I got Milano Gems (Rainbow Connection dupe) and Specktacular too! :)

    1. oh i didn't even think of Milani Gems being a dupe.. silly me. Also i have heard that the nicole OPI kardashian one is the exact same too!
      I have a weird compulsion to buy spectacular every time i see it in the shops! I have 3!!! I have to put it back and say "no kelly, you don't need it!" haha

  2. I love ChiChis ... Target clearance bins are the way to pick them up! Although the minis aren't a bad buy at $5 :)

    1. Ohh i definitely have to keep an eye out for the clearance bins then! I would definitely buy them on clearance if i want the colour but i just find most of their colours kind of boring except for a few. I am definitely willing to try them out but i have this is my head that they are an expensive brand. i guess they're not when they're on sale though. haha Just have to get my head around it.

  3. The Chi Chi's I own I haven't been that impressed with but maybe a diff formula coz I got em in a giftpack pretty cheap. Haven't got onto the Ballerina collection yet will need to check it out!

  4. I <3 Speck-tacular so much. Still doesn't stop me wanting to buy ALL THE FLAKIES though ;)

    Sadly I'm really sensitive to chemical smells and Chi Chi polishes smell overpowering to me. I usually stick to brands like Mode Cosmetics, Rokk96 or Ulta3 if I'm going to make an impulse polish purchase!

  5. Gorgeous! I just picked up that Chi Chi myself!


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