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Monday, February 25, 2013

Aussie Nails Monday - Favourite Brand!

Hi everyone!

This weeks Aussie nails Monday is Favourite Brand! While it is hard to choose exactly which brand is my favourite, i went with China Glaze! I have more China Glaze (107 and counting) in my collection than any other brand (even if Ulta3 is coming in a very close second at 92) I love the China Glaze formula and i think they have the best variety of colours to choose from thus far!

I immediately thought of doing this..... Only the nail world would relate and understand this haha

 Sorry, they don't seem as holo! This was taken in my lightbox and there was little to no sun outside today =(

Ok, so some of you might think that this is a bit tacky? I don't care! Maybe it is, but it was fun just to do something silly.

Colours used are all from China Glaze's OMG collection.
I used my black Ulta3 polish and a small paint brush to do the "lettering"

Sorry, they don't seem as holo! This was taken in my lightbox and there was little to no sun outside today =(

As of today i have finally completed my China Glaze OMG collection, receiving the much coveted polish OMG in the mail today! *Squee* So excited to have finally finished collecting them all (even the dud brown version of BFF, so 13 in total) 

I am so excited for the new Holographic collection that is coming out next month. Are you?
Will you be getting them or any? Let me know in the comments which ones your most excited for!

Kel xx

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Barry M Gelly - Plum + Amethyst Glitter

Hi all!
I got these a couple of weeks ago in a birthday package i got from a girl in the UK! These aren't my first Barry M's but they are the first Barry M's i have tried lol. I have three others sitting in my Helmer... somewhere!
I had only just recently heard of Barry M's Gelly polishes so i was super excited to receive one and try it out!

I got the shade "Plum"

 Plum is exactly what it is - A Plum Purple! It's not a colour i would usually go for but it was awesome to try it out! This was two awesome coats. I'm not sure if the name "gelly" is supposed to refer to the polish being jelly like, but i would say it is more of a crelly. Also, as the name suggests, these are "Hi-shine"...... Umm yes, it most definitely is!! These pics are shown with no topcoat!

The other polish i received was Amethyst Glitter. I decided to put it over Plum and try a gradient... Fail!! I always Fail glitter gradients... Please, just give up Kelly!

Hope you all have an awesome night!

Kel xx

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lacquer Dreams - Goblyn Pee!

I've had this sitting in my "to be blogged" folder for around 6 months, i reckon! Everytime i open the folder up, it's the first lot of pics i see. Thought i had better blog it! haha I am so into greens at the moment so this is perfect and makes me want to dig it back out of my helmer and wear it again while we are having this hot awesome weather!

The awesome Bec over at Lacquer Dreams made this polish last year sometime. She then had a giveaway of the bottle... I won!! I couldn't believe i won it! Like i said, it's an awesome polish and such a beauty!

Goblyn Pee as she awesomely named it is a bright, almost neon, lime green holo. <3

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sally Hansen - The Real Teal

I picked this awesome polish up for $2 at Cosmetic Fragrance direct when i was in Melbourne at the DFO in January. There were tonnes of these just thrown into a big cardboard display box with another grey colour, which i also picked up. I actually picked up two of each. Why not for only $2 a pop! For anyone who knows Aus prices, that is very cheap for these polishes! I wish i had gotten a few more of the real teal as i love teals!

The real Teal is is a turquoise Teal with an turquoise shimmer. Perfect in two coats. You can see a bit of VNL in the top photo but it wasn't that noticeable in real life or in the sun. I'm sure a third coat would be ok if it's the type of thing that bugs you. 

Kel xx

Monday, February 18, 2013

Aussie nails Monday - Rainbow - Sugar spun nails

Hi everyone!

Aussie nails Monday time again!!!

This weeks theme is Rainbow.... I was really stuck on what to do and i really wanted to do something different and something i had never tried before. I decided to try the "sugar spun nails" or Fairy floss nails i guess you could call them.

These are the polishes i used:
Yes they are the same as my Skittles mani i did a few weeks ago. They have become my favourite polishes at the moment!

 I am so stoked with how it turned out. This was my first attempt. I'd love to try it again but it took FOR EVAH! It took me a good hour just to do this hand lol

Perhaps i could use less colours next time? :P

If you don't have patience, don't try it! haha I personally think it was worth it though. I think i did too many strands and i think i would do less next time =)

Let me know what you think?

Kel xx

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Born Pretty Store review + Coupon Code! Valentine's Fuzzies!

Hi all!
I have something awesome to show you all today!
I am sure by now, you have all heard of flocking powder, or fuzzy nails in which the flocking powder is used for. The awesome Daisy from Born Pretty Store contacted me to see if i wanted to review any of their products. It took me a long time to decide what to pick as they have so much awesome stuff. I hadn't tried fuzzy nails before and was really interested and keen to give it ago, so i asked if i could review the Flocking Powder in Hot Pink!!.

It comes in a little container and you get tonnes of flocking powder!! This picture was taken after i had done three mani's with it. 

Flocking powder is very simple to use. I painted all my nails with two coats of a hot pink polish. I used an Aussie brand polish called BC Co. While my nails were still wet, i sprinkled the flocking powder over my nails. It's best to do one nail at a time otherwise the polish will dry and the powder won't stick properly and look nice {point and case last photo} I tapped the free edge of my nails on the desk to shake the excess powder off, then used a spare nail art brush to dust off the remaining that is around the cuticles and on my fingers. Taa Da!! All done! Obviously no need for a top coat as you want the fuzzy effect.
It can get a little messy so i did all of this over a sheet of A4 white printing paper. Any paper will do really as long as it is easy to bend to tip the rest of the powder back into the container. 

I *tried* to do a heart which failed! It also failed as the polish started to dry and the flocking powder wouldn't stick haha.

Overall this is an awesome product! You get so much powder, it will last for ages! It is so easy to use and heaps of fun coming up with different ways to use it.
If your interested in Flocking powder or any nail art supplies, definitely check out Born Pretty Store
They have kindly given me a coupon code (below) for all of my readers so don't forget to enter that at the checkout for 10% off your entire order! The also have FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE which is an added bonus as their products are already so cheap!

Use me for 10% off your entire order at BPS!

Product provide for honest review.

Kel xx

Monday, February 11, 2013

Aussie Nails Monday - Food

Hi all!
Things are looking a little different around here. I thought my blog needed a little changing up so i gave it a bit of a makeover. I haven't fully completed what i want to do, so there will be some more changes to it too. Please let me know what you think! =)

Today's Aussie nails Monday theme is food.

I chose Cherries!

Base colour is Ulta3 Pale Dahlia. I used a dotting tool and dotted the red cherries using China Glaze Scarlet. To create the stems, i used a small brush and China Glaze Starboard.

Kel xx

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Manglaze - Santorum!

Hi all!
Two posts in three days, go me! haha! I do have to say it is a quick one though.
Tonights posts is one i have had sitting in my "to be blogged" album for quite some time. I took these playing around with my partners Canon 5D MkII and had hoped to by now, mastered some sort of thing resembling a photo with my nails in it. I think i did a pretty good job to start with. I don't get his camera out often as camera's and i do not go well together haha I am just terrible at using them. I really should get it out more and play around with the settings....

This is Manglaze Santorum.

This is my one and only Manglaze polish! I got it in a grab bag and i felt i was totally lucky as i love browns! I really have a lemming for more.
If you don't already know, most (or all of) Manglaze's polishes are of a matte finish. I really like that. You also then have the option of adding a topcoat to make it glossy and giving it another dimension. 

Also, i just want to point out, if you have a queazy stomach, i suggest you do not look up the meaning of "Santorum" hahaha

That's all for tonight!

Kel xx

Monday, February 4, 2013

Aussie Nails Monday - Brights - Sponge tape mani

Seriously? Another week has gone by?
Bad blogger! Bad bad blogger i am. I am *hoping* to get some more posts put up this month lol
I have put myself on a "no-buy" this month as well, purely only because i have more un-trieds than trieds *hangs head in shame* The polish keeps rolling in but i have been barely wearing it... or any for that matter. In the last couple of weeks i have only had time, and somewhat motivation, to do my ANM weekly challenges.
That stops today.... well yesterday, as i did today's ANM mani yesterday, AND i actually wore it to work today!! =), but it's all chipped now, so it's coming right off after this goes live and i am promptly going to paint them again!

Anyway, onto todays ANM mani. This weeks theme was Brights. I interpreted that into meaning bright colours. I love neons, they are my favourite type of polish to wear and i used my favourite collection to date which is China Glaze's 2010 Poolside collection.

I mixed a few different types of "nail art" into this weeks design. I used tape and sponging.
I started with a base of Ulta3 Lily white on all nails, waited until it was completely dry then used my tape to tape off random patterns. I then used a damp make-up wedge to sponge on the colours on each nail.

Base colour for all nails - Ulta3 Lily White
Thumb - China Glaze Turned up Turquoise
Index - China Glaze Yellow Polka dot Bikini
Middle - China Glaze Pool Party
Ring - China Glaze Kiwi Cool-ada
Pinky - China Glaze Sun worshiper

Do you like neons? 
Let me know in the comments section.

Kel xx