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Thursday, August 30, 2012

365 Days of Color - Birthday Bash

Hi everyone!
So it's been a week since my last post. I have been super busy getting ready for my Indie polish month which will start on this Saturday the 1st September. It will run for the whole month and i will be having a giveaway at the end. So stay tuned.

Today i have to a polish from 365 Days of Color. I bought from them last week and have only just gotten around to wearing one this week.

This is Birthday Bash.

Birthday bash has a white base colour with lots of irregular shaped glitter of pink, orange, yellow, blue & green. It also has green & blue small glitter. It's an awesome polish. These photo's of my disgusting cuticles and short nails don't do it any justice! For the past few months i have been really loving white nail polish, this funky glitter just adds to that. You definitely need a top coat with this! Above picture is without and below is with SV.

I paid for this polish out of my own money.

Hope you like and stay tuned for more of 365 days of color coming up in Indie month.
See you soon!
Kel xo

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles nails!

Hi all!
Today i have a quick post on some nail art i did today.
TMNT has always been one of my favourite cartoon shows. I also love the animal turtle. =)

I really like these and think they are adorable! Very easy to do and can easily be done on the other hand =)

Colours used were:
Green base: Sinful colors San Francisco, 3 coats.
Orange: Ulta3 Crazy
Purple: China Glaze C-C-Courage
Red: China Glaze Ruby Pumps
Blue: Ulta3 Hollywood
White part of the eyes: Ulta3 Lily White
Black eyes and writing: Ulta3 Black Satin
No topcoat was added for photo's

Hope you enjoyed!
See you soon!
Kel xo

Monday, August 20, 2012

Haulage time & Blog sale!

Hi all!
Today i have some of my latest haul to show you. I will be breaking it up in parts. I have so much!! This is a couple of months worth and I'm sure it goes back into start/mid June until now.

piCture pOlish Peacock, Jade & Monroe

Ulta3 Magnetics Seductive, Hypnotic, Bewitched

Allure, Enchanted, Spellbound

Extra magnets

L'oreal from Target @ 40% off. Devine indigo, Rebel blue, Mysterious Icon

I always buy from Rachel over at Glam Polish's blog sale.

Ellen Gold holo's Holo Dourado, Holo Cinza Chumbo, holo Vermel Ho, Holo Azul

Vinyl Remix crackles Rave, Emcee Me, Magic base coat, Vintage remix and DJ Spinner

Hits Poseidon, Essence Holo Prismatic white

 From Big W for $2
NYC Mushroom, Femme Fatale

 My good friend and nail buddy Nicole from Epitome of Superficiality got these for me on her recent trip to Sydney.

China Glaze Kaleidoscope him out, FYI, OPI DS Original

 I bought these from another awesome nail friend Debbie over at All Things Charmed.

Fingerpaints Black Expressionism, Asylum

A Ozotic Haul
502, 503, 504, 520

509, 512, 516, 528

I did a swap with Tara from Osiris and loki paint their nails.
Glitter Gal Silver sparkle, Black sparkle, Orange sparkle, White sparkle, Green Holo 3D

These awesome frankens from her line "Loki's Lacquer"

Loki's Lacquer Juicy, Afternoon Delight

Peita from Peita's Polish also had a naming competition and i won with "Pop rocks" and i won that polish.

Peita's Polish Pop Rocks

Phew! That's all for now. See you soon with the rest.

I am also having a blog sale with some new things added so please click the tab up top or click HERE!
Kel xo

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Candeo - Melonball!

Hi everyone!

I was lucky enough last month (*cough* during my no-buy *cough*) to be able to score two Candeo polishes from Llarowe when she did her first stock. I got Jellybean and the llarowe exclusive Melonball. How i got both in the same transaction i have no idea! I am still gobsmacked now!

Today i have Melonball to show!

Melonball has a lot going on in there! It has small green and pink hex, medium pink hex, medium/large pink square, large silvery pink hex and large pinky-red hex (although some look like irregular shaped) all suspended in a clear base. I have swatched this over my go-to aussie brand black, Ulta3 Black Satin, the i used two coats of Melonball, first coat was thin and i wanted more but didn't want to over do it, so the second coat was thin. Some of the bigger pieces actually went on ok but i still had to dab some on. You can't really notice it on the nail but the big silvery pink hex glitter has started to "Taco" It doesn't bother me at all it is hardly noticeable but i have been in touch with Candeo and she has let me know she is keeping an eye on it and will change it if need be. The formula is awesome in Melonball. I didn't have a problem with it at all. I really love this and can see myself wearing it again! I defintely want a back up bottle lol. Grab it when you can as it's awesome!

Hope you enjoy looking at this polish as much as i love it! I don't want to take it off! haha
Enjoy your day and i'll see you soon!
Kel xo

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Glitter me up Friday - Sinful Colors Cinderella.

Hi everyone!

So i am getting sucky at keeping up with glitter me Friday, so this will be my last one. I don't want to have to force myself to do a glitter mani each week. I just want to do it when i feel like doing it.
It was great seeing everyone else's glitter mani's too!

I am sure you have all seen this before but i have only had it in my hot little hands since last week! I did a swap with the lovely Becky from Naked Without Polish a couple of months ago. She had to send my package late as she was on holidays and other things got in the way. To make it up to me for her lateness, she stuffed so much polish into the box. I squee'd with excitement when it arrived last week. And of course it had to arrive the day we started "The Great Aussie Polish Challenge" lol so therefor i couldn't wear any until that was over. I was so excited to open the first little bundle of bubble wrap and discover this little beauty! O.. M..G! It was a lemming of mine for a while now and had considered a few times to sell my right arm for it! Yes it is a $2 bottle of polish that makes me want to sell body parts! lol

Cinderella is light blue with golden pinky shimmer through it. It awesome but that's where it stops! =( The formula was crap to say the least. I was a bit disappointed. It was patchy and a bit streaky to start with. I evened it out in the end but it took 3-4 coats. I don't know if i got a dud bottle or what but i wasn't happy! Maybe i should layer it over a light blue next time. Still beautiful though but i might not be getting this back out of the drawer for a while =(

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See you soon!
Kel xo

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Great Aussie Polish Challenge Day 7: Ozotic 516

Today is the last day of The Great Aussie Polish Challenge! I'm sad to see it go but i'm sure we will do it again sometime with a different bunch of Aussie polishes.

This has fast become my favourite Aussie brand. Sadly, as most of you know, they are being discontinued soon. So i grabbed a whole bunch of them. Today i have 516 to show.

516 is a light Pink linear holo. Awesome application as always. This was three coats. You could have probably gotten away with two. No top coat was added. Love, love, love this colour. If you don't have it, get it now before they run out! They won't be available soon! 

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So that rounds off this challenge. I have a few things coming up i can't wait to show you. I also have been bad in July. If you all remember i did no-buy July, that didn't turn out great. It was worse than a normal month lol but i'll tell you more next post!
See you soon!
Kel xo

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Great Aussie Polish Challenge Day 6: Australis Flip Flops

Hi everyone.
Back for the second last Great Aussie Polish Challenge post. I have done well so far i think lol. I don't normally last a full challenge, maybe because it is just one week, not sure.
Anyway, onto today's post.

This is Australis Flip Flops.

Flip Flops is blue with light blue/turquoise micro glitter scattered through it. Awesome summer polish (even though it's winter here lol). Application was good and this was two coats, no topcoat.
Not sure why Australis decided to call this Flip Flops. Here in Australia we call Flip Flops, Thongs. Thongs would sound weird as a name for a polish but Flip Flops are so un-Australian! Derp! 

I then decided to use my new Bundle Monster stamping plates and knew i had seen a thong design in there somewhere. This was Bundle Monster plate BM-309 and i used my go to one coater white Aussie brand polish, Ulta3 Lily White.
I did in the end top it all off with one coat of Seche Vite QD.

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See you tomorrow for the last day!
Kel xo

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Great Aussie Polish Challenge & Glitter me up Friday - Peita's Polish Pop Rocks

Hi everyone!

Today i have Glitter me up Friday and The Great Aussie Polish Challenge all rolled into one.
I have an awesome polish to show you from an Aussie indie polish seller that i'm sure hasn't been shown on any blog before.

A few of us in the Aussie Challenge got the chance to have a sneak peak of her polish's before she released them and this one didn't have a name. She said whoever came up with a name for it got a free bottle. I quickly answered with "pop rocks" and everyone agreed. I couldn't wait to try it when it arrived in the mail and what better time to try it out!

This is Pop Rocks!

Pop Rocks is small blue square matte & pink even smaller glitter in a clear base. In the bottle it looks like it would build up but i don't think so. I haven't tried anyway. lol
This was one coat over three coats of Ulta3 Lemon Tart, no topcoat. Formula was awesome and easy to work with. 

If you liked Pop Rocks it is available for purchase on her Etsy Shop for $9au. She does ship internationally too! She also has a Facebook page so check her out there too. 

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See you tomorrow!
Kel xo

Friday, August 3, 2012

Great Aussie Polish Challenge Day 4: Glitter Gal 3D/Holo Red

Hi everyone!
Back for day 4 of the Great Aussie Polish Challenge. Usually it's Glitter me up Friday today but i am actually pushing that into tomorrow. I totally wasn't ready for GMUF, so it will be GMU Saturday lol.

Glitter Gal Red holo is just that! It's a Red linear holo. The holo effect came out alot more IRL than in the pics. =(
This was two coats, no topcoat. I've decided i hate wearing a topcoat when i'm trying to get pics in the sun of gorgeous polish's. It just has too much glare and shiny-ness to it and i want you all to see how it looks without topcoat. I usually put a topcoat on after pics if i'm wearing it for the whole day =) Formula on this and the GG's i have used so far are superb! I do barely any cleanup when i wear a GG, it just glides on. 

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See you tomorrow for Glitter me up Friday Saturday!
Kel xo