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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Glitter me up Friday - Sinful Colors Cinderella.

Hi everyone!

So i am getting sucky at keeping up with glitter me Friday, so this will be my last one. I don't want to have to force myself to do a glitter mani each week. I just want to do it when i feel like doing it.
It was great seeing everyone else's glitter mani's too!

I am sure you have all seen this before but i have only had it in my hot little hands since last week! I did a swap with the lovely Becky from Naked Without Polish a couple of months ago. She had to send my package late as she was on holidays and other things got in the way. To make it up to me for her lateness, she stuffed so much polish into the box. I squee'd with excitement when it arrived last week. And of course it had to arrive the day we started "The Great Aussie Polish Challenge" lol so therefor i couldn't wear any until that was over. I was so excited to open the first little bundle of bubble wrap and discover this little beauty! O.. M..G! It was a lemming of mine for a while now and had considered a few times to sell my right arm for it! Yes it is a $2 bottle of polish that makes me want to sell body parts! lol

Cinderella is light blue with golden pinky shimmer through it. It awesome but that's where it stops! =( The formula was crap to say the least. I was a bit disappointed. It was patchy and a bit streaky to start with. I evened it out in the end but it took 3-4 coats. I don't know if i got a dud bottle or what but i wasn't happy! Maybe i should layer it over a light blue next time. Still beautiful though but i might not be getting this back out of the drawer for a while =(

Please check out the other girls participating on Glitter Friday.

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See you soon!
Kel xo


  1. I'm still lemming this! I've heard the formula isn't great so might not just be your bottle.


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