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Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Great Aussie Polish Challenge Day 3: You #014

Ohh i hate hate hate numbers on bottles instead of names! Ozotics i'm looking at you too! Just as well you are sooooo pretty!
Today i have another aussie brand polish called "You" or "You Cosmetics" whichever you'd like to prefer. This brand is only fairly new.... that i am aware of. I have seen it started to pop up in Terry White chemists no longer than two months ago. I picked up this colour and two others which you can find here (my first interlocking nail art) just to try and i have been back for more since.

014 is a milk chocolate brown with lots of dark bronze-y shimmer to it. It has an ever so slight streakiness to it but i can forgive it as it's brown... my favourite colour lol. The formula with these brand polishes are pretty awesome! This was two coats with no topcoat. 

I then decide to do something stupid and i wish i hadn't.
I wanted to do nail art but i didn't want to do anything over the top. I wanted to keep it all Aussie still so i used Ulta3 Precious (even the AUS version) and did a not so "funky" french tip. Yuk! Don't like it! lol So it came right off. 

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See you tomorrow for some more Aussie awesomeness!
Kel xo


  1. I keep hearing about great brands that are all found in Terry White! :( Must find one near me...

  2. nice colours! I like the gold on the tips!

  3. It doesn't have names, nooooo!! Nice chocolatey brown though!

  4. I hate it when polishes don't have names too! The mini O.P.I bottle annoy me because they don't have names and I have to keep them in their boxes so I know what they are. I'll have to go to Terry White soon to have a look at these. :)

  5. I'll have to keep an eye out for this brand.


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