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Monday, August 20, 2012

Haulage time & Blog sale!

Hi all!
Today i have some of my latest haul to show you. I will be breaking it up in parts. I have so much!! This is a couple of months worth and I'm sure it goes back into start/mid June until now.

piCture pOlish Peacock, Jade & Monroe

Ulta3 Magnetics Seductive, Hypnotic, Bewitched

Allure, Enchanted, Spellbound

Extra magnets

L'oreal from Target @ 40% off. Devine indigo, Rebel blue, Mysterious Icon

I always buy from Rachel over at Glam Polish's blog sale.

Ellen Gold holo's Holo Dourado, Holo Cinza Chumbo, holo Vermel Ho, Holo Azul

Vinyl Remix crackles Rave, Emcee Me, Magic base coat, Vintage remix and DJ Spinner

Hits Poseidon, Essence Holo Prismatic white

 From Big W for $2
NYC Mushroom, Femme Fatale

 My good friend and nail buddy Nicole from Epitome of Superficiality got these for me on her recent trip to Sydney.

China Glaze Kaleidoscope him out, FYI, OPI DS Original

 I bought these from another awesome nail friend Debbie over at All Things Charmed.

Fingerpaints Black Expressionism, Asylum

A Ozotic Haul
502, 503, 504, 520

509, 512, 516, 528

I did a swap with Tara from Osiris and loki paint their nails.
Glitter Gal Silver sparkle, Black sparkle, Orange sparkle, White sparkle, Green Holo 3D

These awesome frankens from her line "Loki's Lacquer"

Loki's Lacquer Juicy, Afternoon Delight

Peita from Peita's Polish also had a naming competition and i won with "Pop rocks" and i won that polish.

Peita's Polish Pop Rocks

Phew! That's all for now. See you soon with the rest.

I am also having a blog sale with some new things added so please click the tab up top or click HERE!
Kel xo


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