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Friday, April 29, 2011

Giveaways I'm entering this week!

Carli over at Konad-licious is having a giveaway. You can win a Sigma premium travel brush kit. So go check her awesome blog out and enter! Enter here

kayla shevonne beauty is having a 500 follower giveaway! You can win over $250 worth of nail polish! So have a look at her blog and enter! Enter here

Hope you have a nice Friday!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

China Glaze Mahoganie!

Just a quick one today as i'm off to work soon. Late start! Kind of good i can relax in the morning but i don't get home til 11pm =(.

This is China Glaze Mahoganie! I love browns and holo/holo glitter! So this one is for me.

A Red-ish Brown with Holo Glitter.

 Bit blurry so you can see all the holo glitter.

Catchya next time!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Nails & BM competition nails.

(sorry in advance for a longish post)

I hope everyone had a great Easter! Mine was quiet nice! Not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow after a nice 5 (yes, that's right, 5!) days off. Us lucky Australians get another day off because ANZAC Day falls on another public holiday. These were my Nails i wore over easter. I have different ones on now but will post that up in a few days. =)

Sorry pics look a bit crappy they were taken on my iPhone. I am really crap at taking photos. I hope i get the hang of it soon. Anyway pinky to Thumb: Orly Lemonade, ChGLiquid Leather for background and eyes, Orly Lollipop for bunny, ChG snow for inside ears and pupils & Orly Siren for nose. Orly Snowcone for middle finger, Orly Pixy Stix & Orly Gumdrop. These were all two coats. I had a bit of trouble with mine, opacity wasn't the problem though. If your clever you could get away with one coat .(which means these would be great for stamping! yay!)

I also entered the Bundle Monster competition they had going a week or two ago. I didn't win which was fine as it's a popularity contest really. I don't have that many friends and alot of people that won have blogs etc. But that's the rules and i'm happy for whoever won as they all, and everyone did a great job. Anyway here was my entry:

I am a big fan of The Beatles.
Thumb, Index, Ring and Pinky all China Glaze Liquid Leather
Index, Ring and Pinky all stamped with Konad Special White polish with BM Plates 07, 20, 09.
Thumb- "the beatle" (yes i couldn't fit the "s" on lol) China Glaze Snow
Middle Finger - China Glaze Scarlet & China Glaze Happy Go Lucky

Enjoy the rest of your Easter long weekend!

Friday, April 22, 2011

OK..Here goes!

Ok.... So this is my first Blog post! A little daunting, scary, exciting, not sure what else haha. I never really thought i would be doing this! I have been lurking/following alot of nail polish blogs and the like for some time and i've always wanted to try it out! So here we are, My name is Kelly. I'm fairly laid back and easy going (as us Aussies are!), I'm 25 and live in Adelaide, Australia with my fiance. We have been together for 6 and a half years, engaged for 1 and a half, haven't planned a damn thing wedding wise but ohh well, we are not really in a hurry! We have one fur-kid, a 10 month old Choc & white purebred Border Collie named Shelby. (my fiance and i are rev heads and love Fords so that's where she got the name) I will bring her up every now and then as she is everything to my partner and I. She is very energetic (obviously), playful, has lots of character and is cute as a button. =)
Ok so that was my introduction, I'm still getting used to this blogger thing so if anyone has any hints, tips, tricks etc to share.. share away.