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Friday, April 22, 2011

OK..Here goes!

Ok.... So this is my first Blog post! A little daunting, scary, exciting, not sure what else haha. I never really thought i would be doing this! I have been lurking/following alot of nail polish blogs and the like for some time and i've always wanted to try it out! So here we are, My name is Kelly. I'm fairly laid back and easy going (as us Aussies are!), I'm 25 and live in Adelaide, Australia with my fiance. We have been together for 6 and a half years, engaged for 1 and a half, haven't planned a damn thing wedding wise but ohh well, we are not really in a hurry! We have one fur-kid, a 10 month old Choc & white purebred Border Collie named Shelby. (my fiance and i are rev heads and love Fords so that's where she got the name) I will bring her up every now and then as she is everything to my partner and I. She is very energetic (obviously), playful, has lots of character and is cute as a button. =)
Ok so that was my introduction, I'm still getting used to this blogger thing so if anyone has any hints, tips, tricks etc to share.. share away.


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