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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Born Pretty Store review + Coupon Code! Valentine's Fuzzies!

Hi all!
I have something awesome to show you all today!
I am sure by now, you have all heard of flocking powder, or fuzzy nails in which the flocking powder is used for. The awesome Daisy from Born Pretty Store contacted me to see if i wanted to review any of their products. It took me a long time to decide what to pick as they have so much awesome stuff. I hadn't tried fuzzy nails before and was really interested and keen to give it ago, so i asked if i could review the Flocking Powder in Hot Pink!!.

It comes in a little container and you get tonnes of flocking powder!! This picture was taken after i had done three mani's with it. 

Flocking powder is very simple to use. I painted all my nails with two coats of a hot pink polish. I used an Aussie brand polish called BC Co. While my nails were still wet, i sprinkled the flocking powder over my nails. It's best to do one nail at a time otherwise the polish will dry and the powder won't stick properly and look nice {point and case last photo} I tapped the free edge of my nails on the desk to shake the excess powder off, then used a spare nail art brush to dust off the remaining that is around the cuticles and on my fingers. Taa Da!! All done! Obviously no need for a top coat as you want the fuzzy effect.
It can get a little messy so i did all of this over a sheet of A4 white printing paper. Any paper will do really as long as it is easy to bend to tip the rest of the powder back into the container. 

I *tried* to do a heart which failed! It also failed as the polish started to dry and the flocking powder wouldn't stick haha.

Overall this is an awesome product! You get so much powder, it will last for ages! It is so easy to use and heaps of fun coming up with different ways to use it.
If your interested in Flocking powder or any nail art supplies, definitely check out Born Pretty Store
They have kindly given me a coupon code (below) for all of my readers so don't forget to enter that at the checkout for 10% off your entire order! The also have FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE which is an added bonus as their products are already so cheap!

Use me for 10% off your entire order at BPS!

Product provide for honest review.

Kel xx


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