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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lacquer Dreams - Goblyn Pee!

I've had this sitting in my "to be blogged" folder for around 6 months, i reckon! Everytime i open the folder up, it's the first lot of pics i see. Thought i had better blog it! haha I am so into greens at the moment so this is perfect and makes me want to dig it back out of my helmer and wear it again while we are having this hot awesome weather!

The awesome Bec over at Lacquer Dreams made this polish last year sometime. She then had a giveaway of the bottle... I won!! I couldn't believe i won it! Like i said, it's an awesome polish and such a beauty!

Goblyn Pee as she awesomely named it is a bright, almost neon, lime green holo. <3


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