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Monday, February 18, 2013

Aussie nails Monday - Rainbow - Sugar spun nails

Hi everyone!

Aussie nails Monday time again!!!

This weeks theme is Rainbow.... I was really stuck on what to do and i really wanted to do something different and something i had never tried before. I decided to try the "sugar spun nails" or Fairy floss nails i guess you could call them.

These are the polishes i used:
Yes they are the same as my Skittles mani i did a few weeks ago. They have become my favourite polishes at the moment!

 I am so stoked with how it turned out. This was my first attempt. I'd love to try it again but it took FOR EVAH! It took me a good hour just to do this hand lol

Perhaps i could use less colours next time? :P

If you don't have patience, don't try it! haha I personally think it was worth it though. I think i did too many strands and i think i would do less next time =)

Let me know what you think?

Kel xx


  1. Wow!!! This is so pretty. Love the color combos and the effect. You def did a great job on this mani. Love it!


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