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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Layla Magneffect Turquoise Wave!

Ok.... So i am back from Melbourne and surgery. Melbourne was awesome! Had a fantastic weekend at the F1 Grand Prix, did a little bit of nail polish shopping on the Monday (Look out for my March haul post soon) before venturing back home to Adelaide to have surgery on Tuesday for my wisdom teeth. Surgery went better than expected! I had 6 teeth pulled altogether (wisdoms + 2 others on my bottom jaw, due to overcrowding) I didn't have any bruising at all nor did i have much swelling, so i'm very lucky and happy with that. With that said it's still sore, sensitive and very tender even after 5 days, which means i still can't eat anything solid. So it's smoothies, up & go's, clear or puree'd soups, iced coffee, applesauce, custard, yogurt etc for me for probably the next week or so still. I did manage scrambled eggs last night but had to "gulp" them down haha

Anyway, i do indeed have some nails to show! I have had them naked for the last week or so due to not being up to polishing so i was looking forward to painting them last night!

This is one of my first magnetic polishes. I picked up this one and Black Metal Layla magnetics and two China Glaze magnetics from Oz nail & beauty supply when i was over in Melbourne. The Layla ones were cheap at $12 each.

This is Turquoise Wave. This is my first attempt at trying magnetic polishes and i think i did ok! I did one nail at a time and each was only once coat with the magnet placed over each, immediately after. I'm really loving the magnetic polishes at the moment and they are awesome to look at. haha. I hope to get a bit better at placement of the magnet but i'm happy with this first attempt.

Hope you enjoy!  See you next time, 
Kel xo


  1. Ohh, I've yet to try magnetic polish. They look so good. Hope you are eating solids soon, although I would love a diet of mousse and custard >.<

    1. Magnetics are awesome! You should definitely try them! Not back on full solids yet but it only feels days away! I'm over eating sludge haha At least it's not bad weather for soup at the moment (here in Adelaide anyway)

  2. What was the address for the store? I've been looking for China Glaze for ages. How much did they cost?xx

    1. Unit 3, 244-246 Ballarat road, Braybrook. Big grey building and you have to drive into the "U" shaped complex and they are right up the back. They have signage out front and front of shop. China Glaze normals were $6, eye candy and glitters where $8 and magnetics were $12.


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