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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

OPI DS Illuminate!

I am so hating that it's heading in winter and that daylight savings end here in Australia this weekend! Boo! I love summer and it feels like it went quickly and quietly. It wasn't very hot at all..... well to me it wasn't, I love the heat and am sad to see it go for the next 6-8 months. I tried to fit in another holo but there was just no sun over the last couple of days.

This is OPI DS Illuminate.

Outside, Sunless

A beautiful Brown base with scattered micro sized holo glitter with a tiny flash of green duochrome. Love it! This was 2 coats. Formula was fantastic and very easy to apply. Mind the tip wear and tiny chip on my index finger. These photos were taken 2 days later when i thought the sun would have at least come out to play. 

Outside, Shade

Artificial Light, blurry to show holo

Hope you all have a happy hump day!
See you again soon!


  1. This is a lovely polish! I'll be sad to see the heat go too...I can't stand anything under 25 degrees lol.

    1. Yep, i'm the same. Anything under about 25 and i start complaining haha. Our house is old and it's almost colder inside than out! haha We only got a RC air con a few years ago which helps at least but i hate the "fake" heat hahaha

  2. I'm exactly the same, Summer was too cold! Felt more like spring. :(

    1. Yep! My partner reckons it was hot enough, he hates the heat and likes the cold. Something wrong with him i think haha.

  3. Summer here on the gold coast was lousy :-( Atleast no severe flooding, but I need more sunshine!

    great colour.

    1. I think it was lousy all around. =( I wish it was summer all year long =P
      Yeah, i lived in qld for a long time and loved the weather. Couldn't stand hearing about the floods last year and this year =(


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