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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Feb Glossy Box!

I know a lot of you have already seen what's in Feb's glossy box from other blogs but i'd thought i'd show it at the end of the month and i can do a little review as well if i've used the products.

This months i was a little disappointed. I was really expecting more from a special "limited edition" box. I only got ONE (apart from the mini nail files) full sized product which was a nail polish (yay!) and i wasn't completely happy with some of the other products in the box, but that is what you get. Can't complain as long as you get your moneys worth.

So they went with a Valentines Day theme for Feb and made the outer and inner boxes hot Pink which i really like and kind of prefer it to the lighter pink ones.

Inner box which everything comes in, comes in really handy for storing things in. Mine are empty at the moment just sitting on my desk.... wondering what to put in them!

The usual wrapping. I won't add these silly photo's next time as it will be back to the normal pink box but i just wanted to show that this months was different.

This was what i received.  5 "deluxe" (i don't think some are deluxe) samples. And a little pack of those heart lollies which i ate straight away! haha

Bobbie Brown - Lash Glamour Extreme Lenghtening Mascara (sample size of 3ml, RRP $48 for 6ml)
This mascara helps makes you lashes ultra-long and separated. The bristles interlock with lashes likes a zipper, so individual lashes are coated.
I haven't used this yet as i don't wear a lot of make-up all the time and i have a few opened. I will try this though. But i don't think i will ever buy it as it's out of my price range. This is one of two deluxe samples.

Janes Iredale - tantasia Self Tanner (sample size of no idea, RRP $54/124ml)
Fool them all with a golden bronze, natural looking tanned face and body from this moisturising self-tanner.
I have actually never heard of this brand before. Not a huge fan of fake tan so i probably won't use it. There is probably only enough for your face in the sample. This will go in a goody bag to giveaway. Expensive for a self tanner but this is definitely one of the "deluxe" samples

Proactiv - Deep Cleansing Wash (sample size of 60ml, RRP$39.95/ 475ml)
Use this product to clear up skin when it's acting up for a deep cleanse. Works great to penetrate pores and get rid of breakouts.
I have never had a problem with acne. I do get the occasional one or two pimples. I actually gave this to my partner to use as he had pimples on his back sometimes and gets the occasional break out. I may even try it when a pimple does show through. I know a lot of people have complained about getting the proactiv in their box as they don't need it either but it can be used on the body and not just the face. 

Star & Rose - Floral Wonderland Emergency Nail Files (full sized as they are mini nail files, around $2-$3)
Pocket these cushioned nail files for all those nail emergencies and on the go fix ups.
These are cute as! I have put them in my hand bag incase i need them. These are a fantastic idea. I am always breaking a nail and sometimes i need to do the unthinkable and rip the side off as i am usually at work when it happens. Now i can use these. 

Polished London - Nail Enamel in Waitress (red creme) (fullsized $7.99/10ml)
For a mani-pedi that dries fast and lasts long. Polished London is out pick in pretty shades of pink and red for the month of love.
I have never heard of Polished London before now. yay a proper red creme. I didn't have one before and i'm glad i got this one. Can't wait to try this. I have noticed these selling in at Terry White Chemists lately. I had a quick browse though the colours and they all seemed nice but there was 95% cremes and a lot of colours i already have. I might possibly buy a few more to try one day.

So overall, after saying i'd do a review, I haven't tried any of the products this month. Nail polish went straight into my untrieds for later. Nail files in my handbag. And the others well... went into my drawer of other beauty related items that may just sit there until i go though the draw in a few years hahaha.

If you get Glossy box, were you happy with the items you received?

See you next time! xo


  1. I was super disappointed with my Glossybox this month - I got a few different products. I'm hoping this month is better, or else I'm going to cancel for sure! It wasn't very... 'limited edition'.

    1. I tried not to be disapointed but couldn't help it! haha I was hoping for more than one full sized product and i didn't like the selection. The nail files (as there wasn't really a price added) should have been an "extra" 6th product. I am thinking the same thing this month, if i'm not happy i will cancel or try a different box. Plus with all the hassles so far with GB it's not worth it.

  2. I totally agree!! I didn't want to be disappointed, but I totally was. I put my 'review' on my blog -- I said the exact same thing about the files! (As a warning, it's a bit harsh. I got a bad box in January, too! Haha. just tried the I Love This Box and I was much more impressed with their February box - I'll let you know this month how it goes and whether or not it was a one off! Haha.


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