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Sunday, April 1, 2012

March Haul: Embarrassingly heavy pics!

Hi guys,
This is my Monthly haul for March! It is embarrassing (but freakin' awesome!) the amount i have accumulated over this past month!   Hopefully i can hold out buying much in April... Although i did just buy my first lot of A England polishes last night! I got 4 which you won't see until the next haul post =P

I ducked into Terry White Chemist at the start of the month to see if the new Ulta3 Metallics were in but they didn't have any! (and still hadn't though out the month and also now) but i did find these in a little basket at the checkout on clearance.

Jumpin' Jade $8, Blazing Blue $8, Maybelline Ridge filler $2!!

 Then while in the same trip i strolled down to Kmart and they had Rimmel London on special for $4 off their entire cosmetics range! (Also while i was at Kmart i checked out their Sally Hansen stand and found the same Blazing Blue i had just purchased at TW only minutes before, for a mere $4!! Peeved much!)

Green with Envy $4, Mocha Fever $2, Azure $2

As most of you know i went to the Grand Prix earlier this month! It was awesome by the way! On the Monday before heading home we had a little bit of time to do some shopping. I knew Priceline had Orly's for $4.99 each and i couldn't find any at my local one before heading to Melbourne, so i had a look at a Priceline over there and found these 4 beauties. These are apparently old stock. The 30th Anniversary one is from 2005 and the others around the 2009 era! You could tell that these were old stock and had probably been sitting on a shelf in storage for many years. The few Pricelines i checked after this were all the same! They are still good though... They just need a little shake and they are good as new.

Fifty-Four (30th Anniversary Ed. came with a "30" keyring), Sugar, Walk down the Aisle, Vanguard Violet.

While i was at the same Priceline at Chadstone in Melbourne i spotted the Face of Australia Barbados collection. They were on special for $3.96 instead of $4.95. I picked up 4 (plus the Orly's) and headed for the checkout. 10 minutes later i went back for the other 4! haha

You blue me away, Calypso - Gold, Orange you glad you came?, Another Daiquiri Please.

Bright Lights.. Pink city, Let's go Scuba Diving, I like to Mauve it, Party at the Gap.

Then i went to Oz Nail and Beauty Supply in Braybrook (where i always have to go when i head to Melbourne) and picked up these Beauties!

Layla Magneffect Magnetics in 04 Turquoise Wave, 12 Black Metal. These were $12 each which was cheap for Layla magnetics.

China glaze White cap $6 and 2NITE $8, Orly Androgynie $8

 These from the China Glaze hunger Games collection:
Riveting, Foie Gras, Stone cold, Electrify. All $6

 These from the China Glaze Eye Candy collection:
Marry a Millionaire, Love Marilyn, Some like it Haute. All $8

China Glaze Magnetix collection:
You move me, Attraction. These were expensive at $12 which i didn't know until at the checkout but got them anyway!

And their Magnet.

Then i thought that was enough for the month, i had spent enough....... *gulps*
I went to Target to waste some time before starting work last Monday and got these at 25% off plus i had a $20 gift card to use.

Revlon Matte Suede in Ruby Ribbon, Radiant, Scandalous (aka Facets of Fushia) and Popular (aka Starry Pink) 

 So not being able to pick up the Ulta3 Metallics at Terry White, i emailed the Heat group and they sent me a list of chemists that had ordered in the new collection. Only three in Adelaide had, 2 in the Central Markets and 1 at Bridgewater. So even though Bridgewater is closer to me, i was heading to the Adelaide Central Markets anyway, so i picked these up only yesterday!

Copper, Burnt Orange, Shiraz, Pinot

Antique Gold, Cocoa, Jade, Enchanted.

So that was it! haha Hope you liked seeing what i got this month. Do you have any of these polishes? Which is your favourite?

See you next time
Kel xo


  1. WOWWPWOWO what a haul. no i dont but i wouldnt mind those ulta 3 metallics. great colours

    1. I'm so glad i found the metallics. They took me ages! I might see if i can scourer around for some more and use them for a giveaway so stay tuned!

  2. Great haul! Is OzNails in Braybrook trade only or can anyone shop there?

    1. Anyone can shop there! It's awesome! Just walk in. It is run by asians who are friendly =)

  3. Wow that's awesome! :) Can't wait to see you use them!

    1. Thanks! Just have to decide what to use first! haha

  4. I hit the Orly's and got 2 of the molten metallics. These are all great additions to the stash for sure :)

    1. I love the Orly's i got! But i would not have paid the $19 they usually are. such a bargain! I can't wait to try the metallics! =)

  5. Wow...that's what I call a Mega Haul :) Great nail polishes, my favourite out of the lot is probably Orly Androgynie.

    1. I know! You don't realise how much you get until you do a big haul post like this haha! I have been dying to get my hands on Androgynie for a long time!

  6. OMG So jealous of your haul !! Love all of them !

    Also, wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Versatile Award over at my blog!

    1. Thanks very much! I will check it out! =)

  7. Wow! What a haul, there's a little bit of everything in there - I'm so jealous!

  8. This is cool. I like that you posted this because it informs me of where to shop in Aus!

  9. Nice Haul!!! Some amazing colours. I haven't tried the Layla polishes yet. I've heard they can be a bit hard to use for a newbie. How are the revlon ones? I was looking at buying the purple and blue glitter polishes, but didn't know if they would look nice or tacky. Glitter can be a bit hit and miss :) XO


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