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Friday, April 20, 2012

Ulta3 Metallic Crush Collection Part 2.

Today i have the second and last half of the Ulta3 Metallic Crush collection. I was very surprised by this half. I am not loving this half as much as i thought i would.

Jade. Jade Green metallic. This for me was the worst to apply with all the brush strokes. I can get past it though because it's an awesome colour! Perhaps some stamping ontop? This was two coats with one coat of SV.

Enchanted. This is a crazy colour! So awesome. This is the odd one out in the collection. You think that it's black with a slight green colour shift looking at the bottle but it's not. This is a dark eggplant plum-y purple base with lots of specks of different colours. The green colour shift i thought was there doesn't come onto the nail at all. Dissapointed? Yes and No. I'm disappointed the colour shift didn't come out but it still ended up being an awesome colour! Application was good with two coats and one coat of SV.

Cocoa. Metallic Brown. This one was my pick to get from the start. You know the "If i could only get one from the collection, i'd get......" This is it! For me anyway. This was the one i wanted the most and it didn't disappoint! I love it even more i think with the ups and downs of the others from this collection. haha You all know i love browns! =) Awesome application. Two coats and one coat of SV.

Shiraz. The second Red metallic on the collection. This one is more Pinker (if that's a word) than Pinot and it also has more Shimmer/Sparkle to it. This was three coats with one coat of SV. Comparison below of Shiraz and Pinot.

There are slight differences to both Pinot and Shiraz. While both are a metallic Red, Pinot is more opaque only needing one to two coats while Shiraz needed three coats. Pinot also has the minimal brush strokes whereas Shiraz brush strokes are barely visible, perhaps because of the shimmer. Both are a nice colour but if i had to pick one, i would choose Pinot. I prefer the darker reds compared to the pinker reds. Also Pinot would be more opaque to use for stamping. 

Overall, I'm happy with the collection. Not a lot of let downs as i was expecting with the golds and oranges but i was pleasantly surprised by the likes of Burnt Orange. Awesome collection and can't wait for Ulta3 to come out with the next collection being that of the magnetics =)

Have a great Friday everyone! See you soon! xo


  1. I really want Enchanted and Cocoa now! Thank you for sharing!


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