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Monday, April 16, 2012

China Glaze Ingrid!

Forgive me.... nail polish guru's.... for i have sinned... I didn't wear nail polish all weekend! Gasp! (reading that back, it kind of rhymes! haha)
After i wore the Layla Magnetic Black Metal on Thursday it started to peel off in little and big "sheets" so as soon as i got home from work i took it off. Thursday night, being that i work late and leaving home early-ish Friday and having another late night as we went to the Adelaide markets and did a bit of shopping and went out for dinner, coming home (a hour away), going to bed only to get up and go to work Saturday (got asked to work =( which rarely happens!) and was busy on Sunday doing everything that i had planned to do over the two weekend days not one! I really didn't get time to scratch my arse, let alone do my nails! =(.... Not to worry! They are freshly done now and i'm ready to get back into the start of the week.... =(....

Outside, Shade

This is China Glaze Ingrid. It is from their 2010 Vintage Vixen Fall collection. This is a taupe brown with a beautiful gold shimmer! Application was awesome with 2 easy coats. Perfect consistency for me and it just glided on. I have had this colour for a while now and i don't know why i left it so long to wear it! I love it. I love browns! and i love browns especially when they have an awesome shimmer!

Outside, Sunlight

Outside, Sunlight

Well i hope you all enjoy your start to the week. I have a late start at work today so i am off to have some lunch and get ready. See you soon! xo


  1. LOVE Ingrid! It was the first brown I ever bought!

    1. I tried to wear it as long as i could. It chipped yesterday so i took it off =( Have to wear it again sometime!!!


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