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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Face of Australia - Barbados Collection - The last two.

Hi guys! Today i bring you, not one but two polishes from the Face of Australia Barbados collection. These are the last two i have to show. I thought i'd do them both in the same post as i thought you'd get a little bored by now. lol. These two are my favourites from the collection and that's why i left them til last (as i do!)

Let's Go Scuba Diving!

Let's Go Scuba Diving! is Teal Green with lots of shimmer! It applied well and was opaque in two coats. Topped off with one coat of SV. Looks how stunning this is! This is definitely one to own if you could only pick one from the collection.

Bright Lights, Pink City.

Bright Lights, Pink City is a light sheer-ish pink with lots of yellow gold shimmer. This was as sheer as Another Daiquiri Please? and needed three coats. Depending on how you like it, you could have used a fourth but thought this was enough for me. You could only see a very small amount of VNL in real life. This was topped off with one coat of SV.

My thoughts: I really liked this collection. It has a bit of everything in there - Sheer Jelly to metallic foils and awesome shimmers. I do think however, this collection was released a bit late. I think these are awesome Summer/Autumn colours. Here in Australia we are out of summer, now into Autumn and Winter is closing in very fast. I picked this collection up mid March (autumn) and it was the first time i had seen the collection with it's very full display, so it hadn't been out for long. Not to worry, these are awesome! 

Which is your favourite colour? and did you pick any up in the Big W sale?

See you soon guys!
kel xo


  1. love those two colours! Definitely left the best til last!

  2. Both polishes lok very pretty. I especially like Bright Lights, Pink City.

  3. They're both stunning!!! I picked up almost all the colours from this collection during the sale :)

    1. They are awesome colours! Definitely worth the money!

  4. Hey!! It's Shaina here from SG Nails. Sorry for the late reply, but sure you can join in, in GMU Friday :) The more the merrier! Can't wait to see your first GMU Friday Post!! :)

    1. Thanks Shaina! I look forward to participating! =)


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