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Friday, June 29, 2012

Rainbow Favourites Blue& Glitter me up Friday.

Hi all!
Sorry i missed yesterday's post on Rainbow favourites. It was supposed to be green. I did do a manicure and took pics but i never got the chance to put them up. I will skip the green one and follow on with today's mani as it ties in with Rainbow Fav's and Glitter me up Friday. I totally thought ahead for this hahaha. I will pop in the green post either tomorrow or at the end. I'm all over the place, i dunno! I can never keep to any plan. hahaha

Anyone, onto today's Rainbow fav's and Glitter me up Friday. Today's colour is Blue!

Sally Hansen Blazing Blue.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Blazing Blue is a dark navy blue with a beautiful sapphire blue shimmer through it. When you can see the shimmer it looks amazing! This was two coats. You may get away with one coat depending on how you apply it. I'm not a big fan of the brush that comes with these bottles, they are so weird and i don't think they work that well for me. No top coat applied.

I then decided it wasn't enough glitter for Glitter me up Friday! haha
I added one coat of Nicole OPI Me + Blue which has small sparse holo glitter and even smaller silver glitter. I think i prefer it without but i wanted to add something. Not my finest work. Again no topcoat. I feel i really rushed myself to come up with something and forgot clean up too! =( Sorry about the weird positioning of my fingers. Those bottles are weird to hold! 

Please check out everyone participating in Glitter me up Friday!

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Rebecca from Polished Peripherals
Mam Glam from glamonthecheap

Also please check out everyone participating in Rainbow Favourites!

Hope you all enjoy your friday night! See you tomorrow!
Kel xo


  1. gorgeous combo. Now I have to add Blazing Blue to my Insta-Dri wish list. I love those brushes :)

  2. Nice glitter effect :)


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