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Monday, June 18, 2012

May haulage Part 2

Hi everyone!
I know we are already half way through June now but i have the last half of my haul from May that i have been trying to get up. Some of these are also from the start of June right up until today. Part 1 here if you want to see that too.

Let's get started!

Borghese Stellare Notte, Cover Band Sticks 'n Stones.

I went to chemist warehouse at the start of May and found a tonne of Borghese, which i didn't knew they sold. They had lots of choice there but i didn't like the others and this stood out by far!
I finally got my replacement bottle of SnS from Ninja Polish =D

NYC Charcoal, Essence King of Mints, L'oreal Paris 705

I picked up the NYC at Big W for their normal price of $2. Essence ($2.88) and L'oreal ($5.90)  i found in the clearance bin at Target.

Essence Marble Mania Who is Mr Brown, Raspberry Swirl, Peaches, Silver Twister

I also picked these up at Target from Essence's new collection, Marble Mania.

Orly Galaxy Girl, Glitter Gal holo Black and holo Red, Coastal Scents Nebula and Cosmic, Models Own Purple Blue from the Beetle Juice collection.

I scored these from Carli's blog sale. Very happy with what i got =)

Ozotic Holo's 513, 515, 518, Mish Mash 531, 534

Had to get these before they finally disappear! I have just put in another order for a few more hole's. These were from the piCture pOlish website and are $11 until sold out. So hurry!!

W7 Mars, Venus, Neptune, Jupiter

Green Dazzle, Cosmic Purple, Envy

I picked these up at Chemist Warehouse on the weekend for $2.99 each =) such a score for some beautiful colours.

L'oreal Majestic Green, Mystic Blue, Magic Croisette

I picked these up at Target when they had a sale on. These were 40% off which came to around $4.15 each.

Australis 62238 (no name, it scanned as Emerald City but i don't think thats right hahaha), Essence Nude Glam in Toffee to Go & Cafe ole, Revlon Just tinted in Victorian

Australis i found in the clearance bin at Priceline for $2.99, Essence's where from Target for $2.55 and i found the Revlon at Cheap as Chips ($2 shop) for $5

Ulta3 Original Aus version of Earl Grey and Cocoa Bean

I found these when searching for the Ulta3 Magnetics (which i found) I was so excited by finding cocoa bean. I didn't think i would ever find one =)
I sold my magnetics to a fellow Aussie blogger who couldn't get to them so i need to go back and get some for myself now haha =)

Face of Australia Silver (not sure on actual name as there was a price sticker over the top and it's ripped the name off) Revlon Sweet Nothings in Rendez Blue

I found the FoA at big W for $2 mixed in with the NYC/Ulta3's and the revlon i took a chance with and found it at Gloss.

Finger Paints Flakies Flecked & Motley, NOPI Me + Blue, Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Ruby Diamond & Diamond

I bought these Rachel over at Glam Polish's blog sale =)

Ok! Phew! That was a lot once again! haha. I'm definitely going to try No-Buy July! It got a little out of hand like i said and i didn't stop. My helmer is getting so full now. I need to slow down a bit lol.

See you next time!
Have a great Monday!
Kel xo


  1. Nice haul! You've reminded me I need to post my May/June hauls. :)

  2. Woah, awesome haul :D I really, really appreciate you sending me your magnetics and the Loreals :D I love them :D


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