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Monday, June 11, 2012

April Glossybox!

This is just going to be a quick one. I have my April Glossybox i haven't shown yet. This is the last box for GB as they are no more, and all the GB subscribers will be handed over to Lust Have It. I was actually pleasantly surprised with this months GB. I was going to unsubscribe after the March one but thought i'd give it one more month. 

This is what i got:

The pretty box it all comes in every month.

All the contents.

Redwin Organics - Organics Moisturiser Orange & Bergamot
$4.95 for 500ml
Not what i would think that is a "high end" product but i think i'll give this a try.

Davroe - Therma Protection Spray.
$22.50 for 200ml
The second month in a row i got a thermal protection spray which is ok by me as i straighten my hair quite a bit.

Jurlique - Intense Recovery Mask
up to $95 for 125ml
wow this is expensive stuff. I use jurlique stuff but have never tried this, so i am looking forward to it although i am trying to use up all my Jurlique as i will be switching to Kosmea. 

Uandi Natural - Age-reversal cream
up to $60 for 30ml
I have quite a few age reversal creams as well from the boxes. I haven't used any but i will definitely give this one a go. 

Indola - Innova Repair (hair) capsules.
up to $17.95 for 15 (1ml each)
These are for damaged hair. The little card tells you how to use them. I got a sample of 3 which seems fair. Not sure if i'll use them as my hair doesn't really need repairing and it gets quite oily fast. I've noticed with things like this that they are oily and it doesn't really help with that for me.

Overall, It was a good box but not a great box. Most items i have had in the box before. Not the exact same but different brands. I've had a thermal heat spray, age-reversal cream and tonnes of moisturisers in previous boxes. So it is now getting a little boring. I was going to unsubscribe after this box but seeing as it Glossybox's last box and we are now going to be getting a Lust Have It box, i wanted to see what they were like first. That post is coming up soon.

Hope you all have a lovely long weekend!
See you next time.
Kel xo 


  1. nice!

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway if you'd like to check it out! xx

  2. i never try all of the products :|
    can't wait for the review XD

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