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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Glitter Gal Shade Shifter - Hidden Violets (soft) Review

Hi all!
I have something exciting to show you today. I have a new polish from Glitter Gal. It is part of their new "Shade Shifter" range. I'm sorry in advance but i went a little nuts with photos.... You can never have too many photos though, right?

This is Hidden Violets.

Hidden Violets is a colour shift polish which shifts from a mauve purple to deep shimmering blue at different angles and different lighting. This is one amazing colour and i love how it looks on me. It reminds me of beetle wings. I used three coats for photos but you may get away with two. I used this polish by itself with no "underwear" You could use a black base if desired.

This is part of their "soft" range which means they have a smooth polished look by using finer particles, therefor i did not use a top coat with this. The formula was absolutely outstanding, such a breeze to slap on. I didn't even do any cuticle clean-up. The brush is awesome. It is smallish and flat which i love as i'm not slathering it on and around my cuticles. (It's somewhere between the size of a China Glaze and OPI pro-wide brush)

I'll let the rest of the photo's do the talking!

This is an amazing colour and i can not wait to try out some more of their new range. This is available now from Glitter Gal Australia as well as some online stores. They retail for AU $17.95 for 15ml. It seems a little on the expensive side but once you try one it is well worth it.
Glitter Gal polishes are not only 3 Free but they are 5 free!!! That's right! 5 Free!! Which means that they are Formaldehyde free, DPB free, Toluene free, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor free!!
They also have a Duo Chrome range coming out soon which will also be 5 Free so i can't wait for that! GG will be only one of a few companies to offer both superior and safe nail polishes.

See you all soon!
Kel xo
Product sent to me for review


  1. Hidden Violets looks very pretty. I think there will never be enought photos of gorgeous nail polish :D

  2. OH My this looks gorgeous Im going to have to get my hands on some of these I never had even heard of this brand. Good to see the Aussie market offering great 3free (5free :O) Varnishes.

  3. Kelly, your swatch is great! I did mine at

  4. Thanks Kelly from Glitter Gal Australia - Kerry and Anna xoxox


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