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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Picture Polish Jade

Hi all!
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! Mine was pretty good but usually try and drag out having to go to bed on Sunday nights hahaha. Tonight i have for you piCture pOlish's Jade. I made my second PP/ozotic order about one week ago and they turned up a few days later. I got tempted into trying this one first from a few fellow aussie bloggers. This was what i wore all this weekend and absolutely loved it! I'm so glad i ordered it.

Picture polish Jade is jade green with a very subtle silver shimmer. I didn't even know it was a shimmer, i thought it was a cream. The shimmer is very subtle but looks awesome. I love it either way. This was two coats of awesomeness! Awesome formula and easy to work with, it was a little sheer on the first coat but built up by the second. One coat of Seche Vite followed. 

See the awesome shimmer!

I received my striping tape i bought off ebay last week and i really wanted to try it out. I thought i would do this quickly before i took Jade off. Not sure what i think of the final design but it turned out ok for a first attempt. The black i used was Ulta3 Black Satin (PRC one coater version)

Hope you enjoyed! Enjoy the last hour of the weekend haha
See you next week =)
Kel xo


  1. I never understood all the hype over Jade but wow now I think I do - it's gorgeous! Love the design you did using the striping tape! I've been meaning to try one of those but never seen to get it done :(

  2. So glad you tried this one first! I also thought it was a creme until I saw it in person. :)


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