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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Essence Marble Mania collection

I've been meaning to get this post up for about a week or two now and i've had so much going on and wanting to show you all, that this just kept getting pushed back and back. Never fear though, it's here.

When i saw this is Target, a few weeks ago when it came out, i didn't think and just grabbed all four of the polishes. When i got home and actually sat down to look at them and swatch them i realised i didn't really need at least two of them. I only assume these colours work well in a water marble? I haven't tried a water marble yet and i'd love to.

Anyway, here they are.


Peaches is sheer Peachy orange cream. It's very sheer and needed four coats. Formula was ok, not great but i don't think i waited long enough between each coat before applying the next. One coat of SV followed. The last pic is more colour accurate to what i'd expect from the bottle. In the sun it did look a little caramel. I did not like this colour at all. 

Silver Twister.

Silver Twister is your basic metallic Silver. The only metallic in the collection. This is a little streaky as you can see. This was two coats and one coat of SV. You could get away with one coat as it's quite pigmented. This also means it's good as a stamping polish and i think that is what i would use it for. I don't think there would be a time where i would actually wear a silver polish on it's own.

Raspberry Swirl.

Raspberry Swirl is a bright raspberry pink cream. I can't for the life of me remember how many coats this was. I know it was at least two, maybe three but not more than that. It applied quite nicely. One coat of SV followed.

Who is Mr Brown (with no question mark, lol)

Who is Mr Brown is a dark chocolate brown cream. This colour is so amazing and definitely my favourite from the collection. But as you all know, i am in love with browns and it is my favourite colour. If i melted down dark chocolate and dipped my fingernails in it, you wouldn't know the difference lol. This was two coats with one coat of SV. Applied beautifully.

Overall, this collection is a bit meh. I love the brown and raspberry colours. I could definitely leave the other two colours. But i actually think there would be possible dupes out there for all of these colours and you wouldn't need them so much. I was thinking that they were slow drying to be able to use them in a water marble but they dried ok, but then i use a fast drying top coat anyway. 
I really want to try a water marble out and i think i will try and come up with something using these colours for my first attempt. Not sure how well they all go together though.

Take care! See you soon!
Kel xo


  1. Lovely colors. Love Peaches.

  2. Thanks for the swatches, I was wondering whether to buy them :)

  3. Thanks for swatching these! None of these jumped out at me when I saw the display so I've been looking for swatches to see if they look better on the nail :)

  4. I love the silver nail polish :)

  5. Oh good can't wait to see essence now, as I have not been back to essence as their displays had not much stock. Hopefully it is all full now, nice product and swatches, they look nice but the colours dont grab my attention but worth a try! Thanks for the review!


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