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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

May Lust Have It pack.

Hi all.
Today i have my final "beauty box" After receiving this last month, i wasn't entirely happy and was getting bored with the contents and dramas that come with the box almost every month. I have unsubscribed and will be spending my $15/month on something that excites me more. In saying that, this box was quite ok.

This is what i got:

Unlike the Glossybox, everything from this months Lust Have It comes in this cute little bag.

The Contents.

Showface Professional Eyeshadow
RRP $22.95
Used by professional make-up artists because of their intensity, creaminess, long lasting properties and ease of application.
I'm not a big make-up person and had never heard of this brand before. Apparently it's really good. I probably won't use it, so it will be up for grabs at some stage.

Lush - "Dirty" Soap
RRP $6.95 for 100g 
Will have you smelling deliciously of spearmint, sandalwood, pines and oak moss.
All i smell in this is the mint. It's pretty strong. Not sure if i will use it. Might go in a giveaway. It hasn't been used and only opened for a photo.

Nicole OPI Mini - looks like Prized Possession Purple from the Justin Bieber collection.
RRP $15.95 for 15ml
From OPI's Fashion-forward sister brand, perfect polishes in this season's hot colours.
These bottles are so cute! I love it. I hate how there are no names on them though.

Chloe L'Eau De Chloe
RRP $80 for 30ml
This season's fresh, delicate, feminine fragrance using a floral mix of rose petals blended with natural rose water.
I've had a small sniff of this. It's quite nice but not me. As soon as i saw this in the bag i thought of my mother in law, so this will be going to her. 

Biore Pore unclogging scrub, Triple action toner and Combo pore strips.
Scrub - RRP $10.99 for 141g
Toner - RRP $8.99 for 250ml
Pore Strips - RRP $10.49 for 14 strips.
Not really a "high end" branded product. You can buy these in the supermarket, but i am glad you got three items which can be used together. I already have the pore strips which i have used before. It's gross but it's cool to see the little blackheads appear on the strip haha. I am looking forward to trying the other two products.

Overall, Not a bad pack but i am getting bored with all the products. That's just me. I know the whole point of the packs is to try new and different products. It all just seems the same to me and i'm not big on makeup. I do recommend this for anyone who wants to try new products that you might not want to spend big $$$ on if your not sure if it works. 

Hope you all enjoy your day. Unfortunately it's back to work today. Glad it's only a short week =).
See you next time!
Kel xo


  1. Seems like a nice pack. Love the Nicole by OPI polish.


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