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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rainbow Favourites! Green, Purple & Pink

I'm sorry i haven't blogged since Friday. I was really busy over the weekend and didn't get a chance to sit down and write a post. I haven't even had time to do my nails =( but i'm annoyed because i broke two nails, my index finger (as usual) and my ring finger, both on my swatch hand so i haven't been motivated to polish them because they look yuk! I'm trying to nurse them back to looking half decent. I have a few mani's in my "unposted" folder on my computer so i might have to resort to using those while they recover and i can paint and take photos again =)

 I said i had three polishes left in the Rainbow favourites. To make it up to you i will throw them all in this one post =)

Let's start with Green. I chose China Glaze Entourage.

Entourage is a lime green with a green micro shimmer. Beautiful colour. This was the first time i had bought a polish solely on it's name haha. I loved the TV show and can't wait for the movie. Moving on, it's a beautiful colour anyway! This was three coats. The first coat was a little sheer but built up. You could get away with two coats but i used three to get rid of that dreaded VNL (which you can see in pics but not IRL) One coat of SV followed.

 For purple i picked Color Club Wild at Heart.

Wild at Heart is a holographic purple. I reckon i got a dud version though =(. This was the most holo i could get it in the brightest sunlight we had here on the day. It hardly showed up at all. Disappointed much! This was only a one coater, though i think i used two as i normally do for photo's, just in case.  No topcoat was added.

 And for the last colour, which was pink, i chose Essie Super Bossa Nova from their 2011 Brazilliant collection.

Super Bossa Nova is a bright fuchsia pink with a subtle purple shimmer. This was two coats. I couldn't get the shimmer to come out more in the photo's but it's definitely there. Stunning colour and for a pink, i love it! One coat of SV followed.

Hope you liked the rest of my Rainbow favourites. It wasn't so much my "favourites" but i really wanted to crack open some polishes i hadn't tried yet. Which was your favourite?

On a side note,

I am doing no-buy July this month. Well "trying" too. I have a few exceptions though =( I really want the China Glaze Bohemian collection which is due out this month, so i'll be getting that when it comes out, hopefully it's right at the end of the month and i can hold off until August to purchase it, that way it will not be cheating haha I also have made commitments in June to buying two other things before deciding to do no-buy July so i will have to pay for those too! But that is it. It's day three now and everything is going ok. I went shopping on the weekend and bought a couple polishes (on the 30th) They are mainly for swaps or a giveaway i want to do when i reach 500 followers. yay =) So technically not for me, but i went shopping on the Sunday too which was the first of July and it was so hard not to go into the shops i normally go into to buy polish. I think it would be easier for me during the week when i'm at work and not as tempted but the weekends will be the hardest. lol. Wish me Luck! and let me know if your doing No-buy July also. I know there are a few of us Aussies doing it so hopefully we can motivate each other =)

Have a great day all and i'll see you next time!
Kel xo


  1. Wild At Heart is stunning! I don't know why I keep not adding it to my orders.

    I'm very proud of you doing a no buy July, good luck! I don't think I could manage it...

  2. CG Entourage looks gorgeous! I really should do a no-buy month also, but how can I if there is just mani great sales everywhere right now :S


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