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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Glitter Me Up Friday - Savina Fireworks

Hi all!
I feel so slack lately! I'm so behind in this. I had it all ready to go and i just had to post it up last night but i didn't! So slack!

Anyway, onto yesterdays Glitter me up Friday post.

This was two thinnish coats of Savina Fireworks over two coats of Essence Raspberry Swirl. Fireworks has lots of small multi-coloured round glitter and sparse holo bar glitter. It was hard to get the bar glitter out of the bottle but there seems to be a lot in there.
I then also tried this over black. Everything works better over black haha

Please check out all the other girls that participate.

Shaina from SG Nails
Alana from Prettypurplepolish
Kaz from Parisian Blue Sky
Rebecca from Polished Peripherals
Mam Glam from glamonthecheap

Hope you all have a great night!
See you soon with an exciting Aussie indie polish brand you won't want to miss =)
Kel xo


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