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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day mani!

Happy Valentines Day. I for one, do not get into it myself. I actually loath this day. Jealousy perhaps? I don't think so, some might think so. It's just not me. Apart from the fact my partner doesn't have one romantic bone in his body, I don't think it should be about one day where you buy your partner a gift to show how much you care/love them. What about the rest of the year? We say we love each other every day. That's what it is about to me. Not gifts and tacky 100% marked up flowers, chocolates and cards. I don't need any of that. I need to diet, save money and my favourite flower is not a rose... It's a tulip! Totally wrong time of the year for those. hahaha.
So even with all that, i still decided to join in the fun of doing a Valentines Day mani.

Really not sure if i love this or not. I like it but not love it. What do you think?
This is what i used to create this:

China Glaze Snow, 3 coats. 
Essie Matte about you, 1 coat.
Stamped with China Glaze Ruby Pumps and BM11 on all nails.
Thumb & Middle: Stamped with BM02 and Konad Black polish.
Index: BM09 and Konad Black polish.
Ring: BM03 and Konad Black polish.
Pinky: BM02 and Konad Black polish.

I kept this how it was with the matte top coat over the white and under the stamping. I think it looks nicer. There is nothing over the top of the stamping which i've never done before so hope it works out ok. 

Have a lovely Valentines Day everyone! See you next time.
Kel xo


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