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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

January Glossy box!

Although i have just received my Feb glossy box. I haven't put up the one i got for Jan yet.

This is what i got:

* Nivea Rich Nourishing Body Moisturiser
* Sheer Cover Nourishing Moisturiser with SPF 15
*Kosmea Daily Facial Exfoliant
*Sheer Cover Lip Balm
*Mirenesse Tight Liner Hydra Gel Eyeliner

Sheer Cover - Nourishing Moisturiser with SPF15. (sample size of 30ml, RRP 60ml $29-95)

I have never used Sheer Cover before, this or any of their products. So i tried this and i really don't like it at all. It says it's fast absorbing but it took longer than stated and i hated the "sticky" feeling it left. It also had a strong smell of sunscreen which is not what i want when i use a moisturiser (with or without sunscreen added). I won't be buying this plus i really like the Jurlique one i already use.

Nivea - Rich Nourishing Body Moisturiser (Dry Skin) (sample size 30ml, RRP $5-40 250ml)

We all know Nivea. Not a high end brand but a brand we can buy from the supermarket. On the cheaper side but really i don't care. I like Nivea and use Nivea regularly. I wanted to try this and i'm glad it came in the box. Perfect size for my handbag. Good for elbows and any place that gets dry that we forget to moisturise. Love it. I would buy this when i run out of my usual Nivea body moisturiser (the one in the white bottle)

Kosmea - Daily Facial Exfoliant (sample size 20g) (RRP 125g $39-95)

This is my favourite product from the box. (First sample i have used up fully) I have never heard of this brand before. I love this. It has crushed up rose hips (which we all know rose hip oil is good for the skin) and chamomile flower. It's very gentle on the skin and smells amazing. It's gentle enough to use everyday like stated. I usually use the Jurlique exfoliator and only use it once a week and find it more harsh (sand like) on my skin, where as the Kosmea one is not. I will be switching from Jurlique to Kosmea most likely once i have used up all my jurlique. I also got a few samples from Kosmea to try to see if i like the rest of their products. Very happy with this.

Sheer Cover - Lip Gloss in Pink Praline. (full sized, 2.5g. RRP $19-95)

Haven't tried this at all. Not a big fan of these type of "pot" lip glosses. As previously stated i have a ton of lip glosses opened and like those anyway. I have also heard it's "sticky" which i also don't like so i will be giving this away to someone else. Also seems a bit expensive for a lip gloss.

Mirenesse - Tight Liner Hydra Gel Eyeliner. (full sized, 2g. RRP $29-95)

Also, haven't tried this. Not a fan of Blue eyeliner. I always use black if i wear makeup at that. Also, it is used for "Tight Lining" which i don't do. I didn't even know what it was until now. (I don't know much about make-up, i do the basics) So, again it will go to someone else who could put it to good use.

Overall, There is two things i won't use, one i tried and didn't like and two i love and would use again. Don't love the box, Don't hate the box. Hope you enjoyed.
See you next time! 
Kel xo


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