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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Finally got them!

Just a quick post today. I finally got my Butter London polishes at the start of the week. I am a member of Brands Exclusive and ordered them through there. Price wasn't too bad but it's the waiting time that really sucks. Because of the way these type of companies work it can take 4-5weeks to get what you ordered and that's exactly what happened to me. I ordered them on the 6th of January and didn't receive them until the 13th of February. Anyway here is what i got:

Tart with a Heart, Bluey, All Hail the Queen.

I did also order The Black Knight but they had trouble getting it from the supplier so that sucks, I was really looking forward to that one. 

Hope you all enjoy your weekend! See you soon with another HUGE collective haul from the last few months.
Kelz xo


  1. Shame about The Black Knight, it's gorgeous! :(

  2. Yes Alana! Very annoyed about not getting it. It was probably the one i was most looking forward too. I will have to hunt it down somewhere else i think. Thanks for the comment. =)

  3. I have some awards for you at


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