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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My collective Haul. *Pic Heavy*

This is a collective haul from a month or two before christmas until... well i guess now. I haven't bought much polish lately. I suppose you could say i'm on a no-buy. I need to save some money at the moment because i'm getting my wisdom teeth out plus my bottom pre-molars because i have an overcrowded bottom jaw. That won't be a fun week. I can't get them done in the chair, i have to go into surgery to get them done. Which makes it the more expensive way to do it too! *sigh* That's basically the prep work, next is braces after that. So i'm really trying to avoid spending which sucks because there are so many good polishes out at the moment that i REALLY want! So no overseas hauling at the moment. Poo! =( I bought all of these right in our own little country. I was really surprised at how well i did. I usually skip polish shopping here and buy online (OPI, China Glaze, Essie..... basically the brands that cost a bomb here in Aus) Onto what i got.....

Finally Picked up all of Ulta3's new collection. Not sure if i'm liking Kiwi Kaos or Mango Mayhem. The others i love.
Terry White Chemist - $2 each

Target all over the county has recently started stocking Essence. I couldn't help myself and went a little crazy.
Essence Vampire's Love Collection. Not into those vampire shows or anything and i assume these have somewhat to do with them but who could resist nail polish in these cool colours.
Target - $3-50 Each

L-R: Gold old Buffy, Into the Dark, True Love, The Dawn is Broken & Hunt Me If You Can.

Essence Colour & Go:
Target - $2-25each.

L-R: 33 Just in Case, 83 Luxury Secrets, 45 Date with the Night, 85 Galactic Black

L-R: 38 Choose Me, 76 Hard to Resist, 77 In Style, 78 Blue Addicted

 Essence Sun Club & You Rock:
Target - $3-50 each.

L-R: 01 Pink Heat, 05 Golden Sands, 01 A cut off the Beige.

I haven't tried the scented ones from BYS yet so i thought i'd pick up a couple that were unique to some of the scented ones i already own. 
K-mart - $4 each.

I won't name the scents as you can clearly see that. 
L-R: Scented Bright Yellow, Scented Pastel Purple, Scented Red, Scented Peacock.

Finally got my hands on the Flakie top coat plus these others at Priceline.
Priceline - $4 for Flip Flops (no idea why but it scanned through at that price, i wasn't going to question haha) $8.95 for the others.

L-R: Flip Flops, Sin City, Aqua, Holo Flakie top coat.

I found these in the Australis clearance bin at Target. They were $2.
Target - Not sure on normal price ($7?)

Limited Edition 01 & Limited Edition 02 

Last but not least. I never buy revlon full price. To me, it's just out of my price range for $15 each when i know i can get them cheaper elsewhere online or in the clearance bin. And that's where i got them. 
Priceline - $7 each.

So that's my hauling for now. Hope you liked! 
See you next time!
Kelz xo


  1. oooh cant wait to get my hands on those ulta3s! What gorgeous colours. I would love to try a water marble with these. Unfortunately the selection of ulta3 around my area is pretty crappy, i would love to come across a selection of more then 5 or 6 colours, and they are always all the crappy ones. Is there anyway of finding out when these polishes get released?, i always seem to miss out

    1. If you have Facebook, Ulta3 have a Facebook page, which is where i get most of my information about new collections coming up.

      I think you need to get in fairly quickly. That or they don't stock many at a time. The Terry White i normally go to has two big bins always chockers and at first i couldn't find any of the new ones, it was all the older ones. Then i checked a different chemist (can't remember what it's called) only a few shops down in the same shopping centre and i got all but blue heaven, but the next time i went shopping i looked at Terry White again and there was blue heaven sitting right on the top. They had the new collection in but it wasn't many. Also try coles and Big W if you have them both in your area. Big W now stock them and Coles stock them (for a limited time... i think)

  2. wow sooo many nail polishes!!!


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