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Saturday, August 13, 2011


Hi Guys
As you can see i've changed my blog up a bit. I will be doing a few changes to it still, so if it doesn't quite look right, don't worry, i'm probably right in the middle of fixing and adjusting everything :) especially the txt, :( It's being such a bugger, i may have to change each post manually.
You'll also notice that my blog name has changed. I bought a domain name last week and found Kelly's Kolours and Konads is a bit long and i wanted to shorten it. So now, i give you "Kelly's Kolors", That's right, no "u" in Kolors. I thought it would reach a more wider audience, not sure why i thought that seeing as it's starting with a "K" anyway haha. The old web link still works and is fine to use so you don't need to change anything, it will just redirect you to my .com address. This is still through blogger.
Gumleaf Mafia girls, if you could kindly change my name/link to the new one, that would be great!

Bye for now! xo


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