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Thursday, August 11, 2011

OPI Nice Stems Collection!

I received one of my massive orders yesterday in the mail! So excited for it to arrive and early at that! I wasn't expecting it until Monday at the earliest! In that order, I got the OPI Nice Stems polishes. 
At first i didn't want them all but definitely wanted Come to Poppy. The collector in me, was saying "buy them all" even though i would never wear Play the Peonies, and Be a Dahlia Won't You didn't look that unique and might even have a dupe out there somewhere! So i ended up getting the Mini's. Problem solved? Not really, i kinda regret it. I really should have just got a full sized Come to Poppy. Don't get me wrong the others are nice colours too, but i just wouldn't wear them! At least those ones are only mini's i guess. Mini's are also a PITA! They really are just too small which means the brush is too small and kind of a waste, in my honest opinion. Anyway, on to the pics! 

L-R: I Lily Love You, Play the Peonies, Come to Poppy, Be a Dahlia Won't You.

Play the Peonies, 3 coats then PTP with 1 coat of I Lily Love You.
Be a Dahlia Won't You, 2 coats then BDWY with 1 coat ILLY
Come to Poppy, 2 coats then CTP with 1 coat ILLY
I Lily Love you, 1 coat then I Lily Love You 3 coats.

Play the Peonies is a very pale pinky pearl colour, it was a little bit streaky which you can see and it also didn't help that i was using the mini brush. Not that fond of this colour and i don't really like I Lily Love you over it. It looks a streaky mess.

Be A Dahlia Won't You is a shimmery fuchsia in a jelly like base. This one has grown on me a lot since owning it but i have colours similar (but not dupes) to this.

Come to Poppy is my absolute favourite! The one i wanted from the start. It is a pink coral with lots of shimmer. I really love this. It could be that i don't have many corals and i was on the hunt for corals but this is a beauty! I think the must have if you were to get just one from the collection!

I Lilly Love You is of course better used as a layering top coat. It has flakes not quite holo, rainbow glitter of different shapes and sizes all suspended in a sheer pink jelly.

Blurred close up of I Lily Love You.

Hope you all enjoy your Thursday! Bye for now!


  1. Personally, I looove minis!! Thanks for sharing swatches:)


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