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Monday, April 22, 2013

PiCture POlish Ocean by Kelly's Kolors

Oh Emmm Gee! It's finally time! It couldn't have come on a better day than today, which is also my 2 year blogiversary!!! Yay! I can't believe it's been two years! I never would have thought i'd make it this long, let alone be able to bring you something truly amazing today!!

Alot of you who know piCture pOlish, and have been around the nail community and blogging world for a while, would remember mid last year about Blogfest 2012. I was a super duper lucky blogger who got given two shades to swatch and review. (which can be seen HERE)
Well, shortly after that, i was selected to collaborate with them to come up with a shade with my very own name on it! I couldn't believe my eyes when i read that i had been chosen. Me? Kellyskolors? omg, you serious? was a few things rolling around in my head on the drive home from work after reading the email.

A long 10 months later....... Ocean was born!

I knew exactly what i wanted and what i wanted it to be named when i found out i was selected. So, i chose my favourite colour which is Turquoise. This wasn't the exact colour i had in mind and i was a little disappointed when i first got my shade sample. It was a tad lighter than the colour today and it was quite sheer. I quickly came to the realisation that the colour i wanted (which was a lot lighter than this) would be too sheer because i wanted it to be jelly-ish, but i didn't want it to have to be layered over anything. I made one change to this shade and that was to make it more opaque. I got my second shade sample in the mail and i instantly fell in love with it! It didn't seem like a massive change but with it now being only 2-3 coats instead of 4 (and perhaps 5 if you don't like VNL and it bothered you that much) i was so much happier and realised it was the colour i loved all along.

Ocean has a Turquoise blue jelly base with large scattered holo flake particles to give that awesome holo effect (the same kind that is found in the Ozotic 600 series) The application of Ocean is awesome, which i was worried about as some PP polishes can be a little on the thick side. This was nothing like that. It went on smooth. I use three coats shown today. You can get away with two coats but depending on how thick your application of each coat is, you may get some visible nail line. Three coats will stop that. I then topped it off with a coat of quick dry top coat. 
Also, depending on what kind of light your in, it can lean a little Turquoise teal. I was so freakin' excited when i noticed that. It happens in dark low lit lighting. It can be seen somewhat in the second and third pic below.

The two pics below were taken on a different day when there was some actual sun about. This is to show the scattered holo effect in sunlight. 

Last shot is just a bit of fun yesterday afternoon in the rain. There was no sun about at all and trying to get some good shots was proving difficult.

So what do you think??

I want to thank the girls at piCture pOlish for making this possible! It was so fun to collaborate with you and come up with something truly awesome!! I can't wait to see what the other collaborators have come up with too!

This shade is available TODAY from the piCture pOlish  website for $12. Network members will have this shade available soon. Please check THIS page for network members in your area 
Ocean is a LIMITED EDITION shade.... for now. Please buy a bottle (or 5 lol) and help it to become a core line shade! =)

Please don't forget to check out piCture pOlish's facebook page for more swatches and to check out everyone else's shades! 

Kel xx


  1. Congratulations! Its gorgeous and ive already ordered my bottle :-) x

  2. Yay, congrats Kelly. I know what it's like to have to keep a secret like that. It's beautiful!!

    1. Thanks Cathy! I'm so glad it's finally out! lol Thank you! Hope you get these soon it swatch :P

  3. Congratulations! I love your color creation. I have to say I think this is going to be my first picture polish purchase, they're a bit pricey for me normally. But I think this one is such a perfect blue. You did an awesome job :D

    1. Thank you so much! I do agree but they are worth it if you can afford it! =) Thank you again! xx

  4. Great color. I love it ! Kiss from France XoXo

  5. Congrats! This is a stunner!

  6. Ocean is absolutely GORGEOUS Kelly! Fantastic work! x

  7. I love this shade! I love how the silver particles captures/mimics the glistening ocean under the sun! Absolutely fantastic shade! Congratulations on such a marvelous creation! ♥


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