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Monday, April 8, 2013

ANM + AA - Color Club Over the Moon + Stamping!

Hi all!
It's that time of the week again!!


This weeks theme for Aussie nails Monday is "Candy" or lollies if your Australian :P
Because it is still Autism Awareness month i wanted to keep in with the blue nails, so i have paired my blue nails in with my Candy mani.

First of all, excuse my nubs!! I broke three nails the other day and had to file them all back. They look horrible at the moment. I just got my Duri Rejuvacote though so i am looking forward to having awesome nails!

My base colour today was Color Club Over the Moon, which is classified as a pale blue but i didn't think it was. It's a darker blue than that but not quite a medium kind of blue, definitely darker than their 2012 Halo Hue polish "Blue Heaven" This is just about a one coater but i used two coats, just because i think that is what a blogger should do. Above photos taken in artificial light.

Then you go outside... and BAM!!!

Be still my heart!! How i love holo's!! <3

For the addition of making it fit in with the theme of ANM this week, which as you know is "candy", i cracked open my stamping folder and gear which i haven't used it ages!!! 

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I used my Konad special white polish for all stamping. 
Plates i used were:
Konad M14
BM 02

Let me know what you think!
Also, i have an instagram (@kellyskolors) if your interested in following me! I have a few more bits n pieces on there too, including my awesome Helmers which i have just finished painting! I will have a post on that coming up soon too! 

Kel xx


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