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Saturday, April 13, 2013

AA Paint it Blue - Sinful Colors Love nails & Essence Blue Addicted!

Hi everyone!!

Just a quick one tonight. I did this mani last week when i had hardly any time to change my nails.

Sinful Colours Love Nails...

Love nails is an awesome medium light blue with a touch of turquoise shimmer. It's quite sheer to start with but builds up to be opaque in three coats.

I wore this for a day but didn't have time to change a full mani so i added Essence Blue Addicted to my middle and ring fingers...

I hated the little bottles of Essence and they were 5ml each so i poured three of them into a 15ml empty bottle =)

Blue Addicted is the dupe of Deborah Lippmann's Across the Universe, only a lot cheaper. It is made up of an awesome blue jelly base with blue and green hex glitter as well as tiny blue glitter. I don't have AtU to compare Blue Addicted to, but BA has an awesome formula and well worth the $2 something it was to buy it. I think it's long gone now though as Essence have discontinued those tiny bottles.

Kel xx


  1. wow love the look of "love nails", what a beautiful blue! And it goes without saying that "blue addicted" is a wicked polish. I have it and love it :) Enjoy your weekend, cheers

  2. Sally Hansen seem to have a dupe for this also, comes in a big ass bottle and I believe it's called Mermaid's Tale.


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