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Monday, April 29, 2013

Aussie Nails Monday - Green

Hi everyone!

I skipped last weeks ANM but i am back this week with a Green mani.
This is my first post this month that doesn't contain blue (for Autism). I was feeling a little uninspired when i knew it was green this week. I'm not a huge lover of green polish (unless it's today's polish lol) and i don't have many in my stash.

I wanted to do some kind of nail art but when i attempted a tape mani i screwed it up..... so no nail art lol

Here's a swatch of China Glaze I'm with the Lifeguard!

I'm with the Lifeguard is a bright in ya face lime green neon with a beautiful green shimmer. WOWZA'S!!!! This has to be one of my favourite greens ever!! If you don't know already - I love neons! Oh my!! When i first got this back in January (when i was away on holidays) i couldn't wait to try it but it was so gloopy i had to wait until i got home to add some thinner to it. It looked like it had been tried a couple times =( which really sh*ts me! These are totally different than normal neons, they don't need a white base colour. This was opaque in three coats. 
I am really lemming the whole '12 Summer Neons collex now. I only have a couple because my heart belonged to the Poolside collex China Glaze did a couple years before, but these are truly wonderful!

Kel xx


  1. I have all 12 in this collection - but I also have all from the Poolside collection. Over all, I like the Poolside collection more. There are a # of shades from summer 2012 neons that are not really neon and some of the pinks are so close to each other you don't need both. All in all unless you are a total neon polish diva - I would say pick out maybe 4 of your top favs from the 2012 collection that fill in areas you don't own already. I have seen the neons for summer 2013 from ChG and they are a lot lighter and some are non neon looking. I doubt I will buy any of them other than maybe the lavender one.


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