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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Audrey Got Stamped on!

Ok.. so i'm not the best with coming up with title names! hahaha.
After i wore China Glaze's For Audrey for a day i used my Bundle Monster plates to stamp this, finally after i worked out what i was doing wrong!

I used Bundle Monster plate 208 and stamped with Konad special Black.

Have a great Thursday!


  1. Looks great! What were you doing wrong? (In case I'm doing the same thing.)

  2. Thanks Karen!
    I used to use the metal konad scraper when using the plates but it scratches the plates up, so recently I just started using an old plastic gift card ( bank cards work good too) and i was swiping or pushing down on it too hard when i swiped it across the image and i think the bundle Monster plates aren't as deep as the konad ones, so i was swiping some of the polish away with it in bigger designs. I've learnt to just be gentle and quick and now it works fine! That's what i'm thinking anyway haha Hope this helps you out a bit if you were having the same trouble as i was.

  3. I think it looks great. And I think the names great too.


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