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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pink Tiger & Duri Miracote review for Lust Have It feat. Nailgasm Prickly Pear!

Hi everyone!

I received a couple samples from Lust Have It & Pink Tiger to review.

If you are already a LHI subscriber you would know who Pink Tiger were and probably got a sample of their lint free gauze wipes. Pink Tiger not only sell their gauze wipes, they also sell the brand Duri, which we all know has the ever popular Rejuvacote.
Duri also have nail colours, quick dry drops and a fast dry top coat called Miracote, which i will be reviewing today, along with Pink Tiger's lint free gauze wipes.

I started off with my usual Duri Rejuvacote base coat. I really wanted to put the gauze to the test so i picked a colour to wear that had glitter in it. We all know how much glitter is a pain to remove. I used Nailgasm Prickly Pear.

Prickly Pear has an awesome pale lime "cactus" green base with black and holo green hex and tiny silver matte hex glitters. It's jelly like and needed three coats to get the opacity shown. Definitely reminds me of a cactus but also Kiwi fruit comes to mind lol. I love it anyway!! One coat of Duri Miracote fast drying top coat.

Miracote is fast drying and left a nice shine on my nails. I did not get any shrinkage and best of all Miracote is 3-free!!! I will be changing over to this when my SV runs out! That's how happy i am with it. 

I wore this for a couple of days and after a few chips and a broken nail ( you can see in the pics below :-( ) i decided to remove it using the lint free gauze from Pink Tiger.

The gauze (above) is a 5x5 cm piece. I just used my normal polish remove which has acetone in it.
I placed it on the nail for 5 seconds and gave it a little scrub.

Scrub scrub scrub - 10-15 seconds on scrubbing =

A little bit more scrubbing......

Ta dar! All gone! Poor broken middle finger nail =(

It took about 5 mins to remove it all on one hand. The glitters didn't all stay in the gauze though, i found i had it all over my hands in the end, but a simple washing of my hands got rid of that. 
It held up pretty good and one piece is enough for each hand. I'm not sure how it would go with a huge glitter bomb but it worked for this type of polish. I did find i went through slightly more polish remover than using the foil method though. 
I have used these again since this mani and i find i have been reaching for them more than going to get the foil out.

Both the gauze and Duri miracote (along with Duri nail polishes, which i have a separate review for) products can be purchased from Pink Tiger's online shop. Their lint free gauze comes in a packet of 200 for $13, so that is enough to do 100 mani's, which is not bad! 
Duri Miracote is $25 a bottle which is a little pricey but it is awesome.

Pink Tiger also have a promotion at the moment, if you spend $50 or more you get a free Duri nail polish of your choice. You need to email them your proof of purchase for redemption to

Also if you'd like to sign up to Lust Have It where you can get awesome samples like this in their month subscription box, you can sign up on their website HERE and if you punch in the code "KOLORS" you get $5 off your first months box! =)


  1. I love anything lint free for polish removal! Nothing is more embarrassing than having fuzz in swatch pics. Love Prickly Pear! I also immediately thought of a kiwi ;-)

    1. Yeah, these are pretty good! nothing left behind at all. I will be using gauze for alot of manis now!

  2. Ohh the pink tiger gauze looks interesting! Kinda just like medical gauze. I wonder if you could pick that up any cheaper...

    1. Yeah, they are pretty much the same as medical gauze, and I'm sure you can get them cheaper elsewhere =)


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