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Monday, May 20, 2013

Aussie Nails Monday! - Lace

Hi all!
I haven't done an Aussie Nails Monday for a couple of weeks, but i am back this week with a "lace" design.
When i think of lace, i think of delicate light pastel mani. Well i did the opposite lol.

I used Ulta3 Cherrylicious as my base colour, which is an awesome blood red. It's darker than shown in these photos.  I just couldn't get it to photo right.

I am not much of a red wearer if you've ever noticed from my blog posts, but i absolutely love this kind of red and it will be staying in my stash. It's weird because red goes so well with my skin tone.

I then grabbed out my stamping stuff and tried to find a lace design on any of the almost 100 plates i have haha. This one stood out the most. This is Bundlemonster plate BM-316 from their latest series, stamped with Konad special White polish. I didn't want to overpower it and do all nails, so i just did the accents on both hands. =)

What do you think??

Kel xx


  1. I think it is so elegant looking! The polish color is gorgeous by any means, such a wonderful classy shade of red, plus the white lace accent... mmmm it looks very sophisticated!

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  3. I like it! I really need to get some Konad stamping polishes...

  4. That stamping plate is so cute, I really need to try this ! I dont even know where to start though so that could be a problem lol x

  5. Your stamping is so neat and perfect. Looks awesome!


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