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Friday, May 31, 2013

B collection by Bloom - Boston; & Ninja Polish Love, Lace 'n Lawsuits

Hi all!

As it basically into winter now, i have been trying to pull out some darker wintery shades..... It's not happening that much as i'm not the kind of person who wears dark vampy colours. I'm a neon type of girl through and through.

I cannot however, pass up a good chocolate brown!

I got this brown polish in a blog sale about 6 months and used it not long after, but it has been sitting in my "ready to blog" folder for, well basically since then haha.

This is Boston by an Aussie brand called Bloom.

Boston is an awesome deep medium Chocolate brown cream. I remember it was actually awesome to apply. This was 2, maybe 3 coats, i can't quite remember. 

I then applied Ninja Polish/Coverband Love, Lace 'n Lawsuits over the top. I absolutely love this combo and it is something different you don't see all the time. =) Excuse my crappy cuticles. If you hadn't already guessed it. It is a dupe (or near dupe) of Lynnderella's Love, Lace & Lilacs lol

Have a great night!

Kel xx


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