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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

piCture pOlish Candy + Lynnderella Pentimento

One of my "nail polish goals" for this year was to own a Lynnderella. Even JUST ONE! I've always admired Lynnderella's and never thought i'd actually own any. If your anyone in the nail community, you'd know who Lynnderella was and the widespread talk of her and her brand. Whether you like her or not, she has talent, and well known for coming up with the most amazing polishes! Whether you agree with that or not, that's up to you! =)

Well i got lucky a few months ago when i saw a friend selling two of Lynn's. I snatched them up pretty quick. Not one, but TWO!! I got A Neutral Party and Pentimento. Oh my, that made me lemm for Lynnderella's even more!! haha Since then, i now own 10 Lynn's! =)

Today i am wearing Pentimento over Picture Polish Candy

Picture Polish Candy is a bright barbie pink. The formula was a little tricky but it paid off in the end. It's an absolutely stunning pink! This was three coats.

I then added one very sparse coat of Lynnderella's Pentimento.

I wore this all weekend before taking it off, which is a first for me lol

Do you have any Lynnderella's? Do you like them/hate them?

Kel xx


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