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Friday, June 28, 2013

Nailene Couture Design nails & ultra tabs review.

Hi again!
Today, i have the second product from Nailene to review. Yesterday's post was on the Acrylic Kit, which you can see here.

If your not a fan of Acrylics, perhaps these are more your thing?
Nailene have come up with artificial nails with a couture design on them.

Contents of pack;
- 24 nails in 12 different sizes ( 2 of each size)
- Nail glue
- Small nail file
- a picky thing, for which i wasn't sure what it's use was lol

These are the tabs. Unfortunately, i cannot wear artificial nails at work, so i chose to use these over the glue as i could only wear these for one day =(

i picked out which nail would suit my natural nail better and lined them all up so i wouldn't get them mixed up.
I then got the tabs and picked which one would also suit my nail shape better. None of these go to the edges of the nail and really just sit in the middle, so don't be alarmed. I actually stuck them all on each nail before placing the couture design nails on.

Some nails fit better then others and if your between sizes, chose the bigger size and file it down a little bit at a time until you reach the desired size. I didn't do that with my thumb as you can see above. There is a small gap, but that is no fault of Nailene's. I actually have crooked cuticles (as i call it lol) I have that on both thumb nails and cannot do anything about it. Am i the only freak??

I loved the design on the ones i got. I really wish i could have worn these for longer as they looked amazing!
This design comes with the gold and black stripe on the left and the right so make sure you pick the right ones before you stick them on lol

These are a really great for a quick and easy mani. I will be using these when i go on holidays next to really try them out. The tabs are awesome! The only downside to the tabs are they don't fully stick to the nail and because the nail is a clearish pink, you can see the sticky marks underneath. That could just be my nails too. Everyone will be different.

These retail for $16.99 for a pack of 24. They only have a few designs on their website at the moment but they also have a lot from the other ranges including plain french mani design.

Nailene also have a promo at the moment where if you buy from their online website you get 30% off with the coupon code "LAUNCH30" Also there is free shipping if you spend $50 or more ANNNND you also get a free packet of the Ultra adhesive tabs i just reviewed.

Nailene couture design nails provided for honest review. Please see my disclosure policy for more info.

Kel xx


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